Friday, 1 February 2013

Spending my £30 ESPA Gift Card!

I think you all know by now, im on the spending ban. Gift cards are my only currency apart from swaps!
I got this ESPA gift card when i subscribed to a magazine during November (i think) and cant remember which one!
But i thought it was time i spent it!

My last buying was from Selfridges and i noted that it is quite expensive....ESPA is pretty pricey too, so i didnt get much for my £30, but i got what i wanted -if that makes sense!
The great  thing about ESPA is they give you 4 samples free with each order and gives you time to try them which is why, i didn't really get any full size items, as i got the toner from Selfridges and im trying not to get too much of the same thing because, whats the point!.
First the freebies, which look great and im looking forward to trying them!

I managed to get 2 of these as they looked great (they normally only allow you one of each, so it must have been a hiccup in the system). This is a sample of "Super Active Skin Radiance Mask". The blurb on the back of the box says "Revive Skin's natural born radiance with this illuinating face-saving mask. Perfect for all skin types, especially dull tired skin in need of a radiance boost "(perfect!)

As usual, an eye product! This one is "Super Active Lift & Firm Intensive Eye Serum" - a concentrated ultra firming and smoothing treatment. The back of the box says  "Instantly brightens and De-puffs while Inca Inchi Oil deeply nourishes"
Sounds Brilliant to me, but i have to wait to use it as im trialling the Nip & Fab at the moment!

And last sample is "24 hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser" -hydrates and protects to help prevent the signs of ageing."
This back of the box says "replenishes and nourishes delicate skin to help restore a youthful, sparkle to eyes. Ingredients help to minimise fine lines, reduce puffiness and dark circles, hydrates and protects against environmental elements to prevent the early signs of ageing".

Great Samples! And each tube looks to have 3 or 4 uses so you CAN tell if it helps. Some companies samples are so small, how can you tell after just one application of something if it works, so thumbs up for this!

I only managed to buy two items. I went into the face cleansing/toning area. there is a body, bath and hair area, but face products are what i like to try.
First up is a small tub (15ml) of Refining  Skin Polish -which states underneath that it is a "brightening exfoliator to deeply cleanse an smooth" This one cost £13 but there is a bigger tub of 55ml and that one is £25.50

I have never used ESPA's products before so i wanted to get small samples to try, just incase i didn't like them. So the next was a little box of a sample collection. Came in a hard board little box and a lovely little cover over it, small things that makes the customer smile!

This collection is called the Introduction Collection and costs £16.50. I chose this as it had a selection of everything, and again, gives me a chance to try it.
The below is what the site says about the box. It misses out the Toner- there is a little bottle of toner called "Hydrating Floral Spafresh" which is to be used before moistuirising. So essentially, its a great little full travel cleansing kit!

Our potent replenishing collection offers a joyful introduction to beautifully renewing the soft suppleness that nature originally bestowed, helping to keep your skin looking perfectly nourished, hydrated and free of lines for a good while yet. Four simple steps begin with preparation; our Hydrating Cleansing Milk gently banishes impurities, while our Refining Skin Polish sweeps dull cells clean away, revealing younger-looking skin beneath. Healthy, beautiful skin soon reveals itself as our vitamin-rich 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser and 24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser deliver nature's hydrating and restorative wonders deep into the skin, helping to protect against the environmental aggressors that can hasten premature ageing.
Suitable for: A potent replenishing collection

This is my first dealing and transaction with ESPA. The website was easy to use, the payment easy to go through, and delivery within 3 days. Package well packed and delivered with a courier.
Im impressed with the samples, and i love the items i bought. So i guess to complete the transaction is when i try the items and see how they feel and how they are an my skin.

I know ESPA has a good name, and therefore makes sense it has a following. Are you an ESPA convertee? Which is youre favourite item and which would you totally recommend to try?
I always think personal recommendations are truthful and more helpful than a companies statement about how wonderful it is, because after all, they have to say that. People dont!
Did you get the £30 Subscription Card and how did you spend it? Have you used the items and are they worth the extra pennies?


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