Saturday, 9 February 2013

Review: Rimmel APOCALIPS "Celestial"

So, this is supposed to be THE lip product of 2013, just like Revlon's Just Bitten Lip colour was of last year.
As a sucker for Lip products (and nail polish and eye creams!!), i tried to resist this, but just HAD to try it for myself.

Rimmel's Facebook Page has a shop which they can be bought from, but it didn't have the colour i wanted, so i left it.
But i went tootling around the shops this morning and popped into Savers and lo and behold there was some in the Rimmel stand, and the colour that i wanted -CELESTIAL....i walked by twice trying to ignore it, but eventually the call was too much and it ended up in my basket!!

These are only available via Boots for £5.99 and  Rimmels FB page, but they are now becoming more widely available.

SO? How was it you ask?
Well first off, i was surprised the brush was the type it is -the fluffy end type, when most companies have changed to using an actual brush -which i generally prefer. But ok, can't judge a product by the brush end!!!
I tried this twice. The first time my lips were dry and it took a few tries to get the colour onto my lips, and when i rubbed my lips together it took a while for it to even out. It also brought any loose dry skin to the surface, which didnt look very attractive!
So, i took it off, and tried it again with moist lips.

A total change. It went on smoothly and easily, and when rubbing lips together it was moist enough to spread the coverage evenly and the result was much much better.

 I have pale skin, as you can see from the pictures, but i think this colour "CELESTIAL" suited the paleness. Anything too dark would have made me look way too pale and anything too bright or light would have made it look like normal lipgloss, and not the "lip product of the year"!

Looking at the pictures i think a coat of something like Lipcote or a clear gloss would make it look better and may keep it on longer.
While i had it on, i didn't eat or drink, but when i looked in the mirror approximately 1 1/2 hours later, it had gone. So it didn't seem to have lasting power.
Im going to reapply and put a clear gloss on the top and see if this makes a change to how it looks and also its staying power.

Later that day.....

So this time i added a top clear lipgloss. I used Catrice's Limited Edition Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties high Gloss Lip Topcoat and Gloss. This i got from my local chemist (i'm in Northern Ireland) for £3.99, but i understand its quite a difficult brand to get hold of on the mainland, but i have to say, this is the nicest lipgloss ive had in ages, lovely and glossy and shiny, not sticky and makes the lips look great with or without any lipstick underneath!

 Anyway..!! I hope the pictures show there is a HUGE difference with the lipgloss on. I think it makes it look much more natural, the colour more vibrant, and it stayed on for just over 2 1/2 hours,  so a massive improvement in staying power -again, i didnt eat or drink while wearing it so to keep it a fair test!

PRO's: great price, nice range of colours, established brand, easy to use, good size for the pennies so should last a while.

CON's: Doesnt stay on long on its own, tastes a bit chemically, would have preferred the newer brushes on lip products, looks better with a topcoat on

FINAL WORD: Would i buy this again? I have to say i dont think i would. I loved it when i put the topcoat on, but lipsticks shouldn't really need an extra product to make it look good.  A little disappointed as i was expecting something spectacular from reading previous reviews.  Having said that, like all items i review, it is only a personal opinion. There are cheaper brands out there such as MUA, and ELF that have much cheaper lip items that could do the job as well as this.  A little disappointed in it.

So have you tried it? Which colour did you try? Did you like it, or did you feel it needed a little extra "zing". Would you buy it again?


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