Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review L'Oreal CC Cream (Anti Fatigue)

I was eager to try these after they arrived in the post yesterday and i did a quick write up of them last night.
I bought them from Boots, as they had a special offer of two L'Oreal products for £15 which made these a bargain as they have a normal RRP of £9.99 each. There is an explanation of what these are supposed to do on my blog here,  which will give you an idea of what L'Oreal are aiming to do with this cream

Ok, so i took a (very unflattering) picture of me with completey no make up on before i added the CC Cream:

First of all i looked at the cream and i cant help but compare it to the BB cream, but i wonder if Loreal to plan to replace the BB cream with this as they are separate types of make up.  We can but wait, i guess.
So i squirted a little onto the back of my hand and then spread it out:

In comparison to the BB Cream, this came out in a peachy colour. It didnt look too dark, so i had hopes.  I did worry a bit when i spread it out on the back of my hand and there was a big difference in colour if you can see in the picture. I'm always worried about using a too dark a colour and making myself look "orange" and having the colour noticable around the edges of my face and under the jaw. As i was aware that the colour was darker than my normal pale skin, i didnt use too much.
The size of the blob on the back of my hand above, i used that kind of amount for roughly half my face, and gently spread it to cover my face.

Because of my fear of looking orange, i may not have used alot, and i rubbed at the hairline to make it blend and also down the jawline and onto my throat.
Looking at the pictures, i think im OVERLY worried about the orange look. I dont think it looked orange at all -but that might be cos i rubbed the majority of it off....:/

There is a very slight tint on the hair line, but i think i blended the jaw and throat together well.

Yes i look geeky and gawky, i hate not having make up on so please excuse me!!
I have to say, i think theres a BIG difference in the above photo and this one...ill put them side by side and see what you think....?

      BEFORE                            AFTER

 I think its covered my dark circles a little (i have major darkness so for any product apart from my concealer to actually cover some, is pretty amazing!). My skin does seem to have more of a glow and it looks more alive.... It also is very lightweight and feels very soft, so unlike some foundations, i feel my skin will be able to breathe, and therefore much better for the skin!
I'm actually in the middle with this. I'll have to compare it to the trusted BB cream side by side, and have to say that i really do prefer my BB cream, and really hope they dont use these to replace them.

PRO's: Good price, Great coverage, could suit most skin tones as long as you gauge the amount, does have a natural "glow", don't need to use much per useage so will last a good while. easy to apply, lightweight -doesnt feel too heavy on the skin, feels like skin can breathe

CON's: for fair skinned, i think using less is better to be safe, i think it will take an individual a couple of tries to get the right amount for their skin tone and coverage, but there is no getting round, it does leave an orange look and i ended up rubbing most of it off to make it look a normal colour!  scent is kinda chemically, but is manageable!

FINAL WORD:  As always, the opinion is my own, i'm not a specialist, just an average buyer!  Im not sure about this cream.. As i said earlier, with my pale skin i have to be careful at the amount and the blending i do so i'm not left with any orange lines but as long as you get that right, you get the benefits of the cream. This one is Anti Fatigue, and i have to agree that in comparison to my first picture, my skin looks more alive, has more of a glow, i dont look like a ghost! It even covers some of my dark circles, and anything that can cover some of those, can only be a good thing, as i do suffer badly with dark circles (unfortuntely!) Would i buy it again? Probably not.  Im way too pale for this, and i think it would have been better had they used a skin tone level (fair, medium, dark etc) -this is way too orange for me, sadly
But, like i say, as long as you remember to put on less rather than more (its easier and better to add than have to remove some), i think it would suit a variety of skin tones, but especially those with a more medium and darker tone


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