Sunday, 17 February 2013

Review L'Oreal CC Cream - Anti Dullness

The other day, i reviewed the CC Cream Anti Fatigue. I liked it, apart from the fact it was quite orange against my fair skin, which made me use very little on my face, and possibly not using it to its full potential. It's also left me a bit wary of using it again.
So i left it a few days until i tried the other one.  I tried it on the back of my hand, as you can see its a light mauve colour. When i rubbed it in the back of my hand, it was nowhere near as orange as the Anti Fatigue, which gave me hope!

You can see in the picture behind the newly added blob of the cream, that its slightly orange. This is from the previously added and rubbed in. You can see how less orange it was than the Anti Fatigue! 

So, with hope i tried it on.  I put on a small amount, like i did with the Anti Fatigue, but i realised i could put more on due to the fact it wasn't so orange, so i added more, and it covered and blended on my face really really well.

          BEFORE                                                                            AFTER

I have no other make up on (sorry to scare you!!), but i think this one is actually much better for my complexion.  
Again, like the Anti Fatigue i think this covers some of my dark circles and it does add a colour to my paleness, which is great! It's not too heavy, not too orange, and like the other, i didn't have to blend it into my hairline as its not as dark.  Again, it blended in easily along my jawline leaving no marks.

Ok, so as much as i thought the Anti Fatigue was good, i have to say i much prefer this one! Mainly as its lighter, i can use more without worrying about being too dark.

PRO's: Great for paler skin, easily blended, natural look, great natural glow, lightweight on the skin, great price for the tube and the amount, can use on its own, or as a base. Stays on skin for a good few hours.

CON's As a pale complexion, i honestly cannot think of a negative to this one. It might not be for everyone, but for me, its pretty much usable in every sense. Slightly orange, but not fake looking.

FINAL WORD: I have to admit to being hesitant in trying this one, as the Anti Fatigue one, although it was good, it was so dark on my skin, and i was worried that this would be the same. The Anti Fatigue was a really good cream, but not for my fair skin. THIS one, is so much lighter and suits my complexion much better. It stayed on for a long time, and it gave a natural glow, blended much easier in the hairline and along the jawline. I was able to use more due to the lighter colour and possibly use this one to its full potential. I couldn't put much of the Anti Fatigue on as it would have made it look like fake tan gone wrong on me.

Has anyone else tried this? I'm interested to see if people with a darker complexion find the problem i do with the colour of this cream? I didn't have this problem with the classic BB Cream of theirs (they actually had shades for that one, so to chose "fair" cancelled out any of these worries).  So after trying both the ones i bought, if they DO replace the BB Creams with this, i would be buying the Anti Dullness for the above reasons! But i LOVE the BB Cream and i hope they don't discontinue that just yet!!

As usual, this is just my opinion of how the cream was for me. Again, as usual, im not a professional, far from it, and just an everyday day consumer :)


  1. I have pale skin though I haven't tried this, it does look as though it blends in really well though, from your photos xx

  2. I do rather want this, as I have a nose that tends to go red! It does look a bit orange, but I secretly like a slight orange tint ;) Thanks for the review :) Glad I found you via facebook groups, looking forward to reading more. xxx

  3. Thanks girls, and for stopping by!

    if you see the anti fatigue one i did the other day, youll see its quite dark, and although it was good, it made me wary of using it, but this one was very different, More in line with the Nude Magique BB Cream in light.
    I dont think i can use the anti fatique -i have a constant fear of looking orange, and i know that one was. But i think it would suit darker complexions...i just have almost ghost like paleness!!

    Thanks Catherine, ill have to come and find you!
    Happy blogging girls


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