Thursday, 14 February 2013

Random Ramblings #4 -Valentines Day and in General

A day for love, romance, seeing couples staring lovingly into each others eyes, tables for 2 in restaurant only available, prices of roses and chocolates rocketing, but hey, its worth it for that loved partner isnt it?


Pfffffft! Im a singleton. Have been for two years, and happy to be so. Valentines day means zip to me. And to be honest, even when i WAS in a relationship "romance" was an alien word to my ex and Birthdays weren't even acknowledged, let alone Valentine's Day. 
I still think its a way to get people to dig into the pockets to pay the overinflated prices.

Why can't romance be on no specific days? I feel that its almost forcing you to buy one of the red and pink gushy cards with a teddy or flowers or chocolates. 
I would find it more romantic and appreciate it more when its unexpected. When he walks in the door, huge bunch of flowers, says "I've booked a table at your favourite restaurant tonight" and kisses you softly. 
Thats if your not suspicous of him playing away and he's trying to cover his tracks (yes im cynical!). 
Love shouldnt be forced to be shown on this one day. I have actually always felt this, not just because im a singleton!

On the other hand, i wish all the happy couples a lovely day and hope you are each spoilt rotten, if you want to be :)

With the Valentines Day Rant out the its on to "normal every day rants".....

Okay, so my spending ban is tootling along. Ive fell off a few times, but determined to climb back up. I'm backing off swapping items in my usual areas, just know when you have a gut feeling that someone just doesnt want to deal with you but they won't say in case they look the bad guy.  I've seen people leaving groups and setting up their own, and i have taken a step back from groups. I have my items on my facebook page but just a little tired of almost feeling like its a constant haggle and I've just no energy to do it....
but my box swaps are still being done. I have 2 new ones, im waiting for my monster limit box and i cant wait to get that one!

Which takes me to health...which SUCKS right now. I think it would be easier to just erase me out an remold me from scratch. My doctor is trying to get me into a Pain Clinic which would be 2 or 3 times a week (so probably torture) but the local one isnt accepting new patients (isnt it always the way!). So i guess until then, i just have to pace myself and remember that if i push it one day, ill regret it for the next three days.....

I could waffle here about how bad my days are, how cynical i feel against the human race at this moment, how my health is keeping me awake each night, so im constantly tired, how i wish my mum lived closer and i could get a "mum hug" cos nothing feels better than a mum hug...

but i wont!
If youve got this far, i applaud you!! Thank you for reading my waffle and i hope you are well, happy and have a great few weeks till my next random ramblings!!

 Stay well, stay safe, and love those around you!


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