Monday, 4 February 2013

NOTD OPI's "Mariah Mini Liquid Sand Set"

This little buy caused me to to fail my spending ban on 29th January 2013. Once again, i fell for the power of Buyapower. They always have great offers on these little mini OPI sets and this isn't the first one i've bought from them, BUT it IS the first one i really fell in love with when i read the phrase "Liquid Sand - an innovative New Finish from OPI" The price went right down to £7.50 (pls postage of £1.95) with just 40 sets available -they went QUICK!

They arrived today, and i couldnt wait to try them. So i put one colour on each nail to test them:

Wearing this matte blue with sparkles is a great call"
(on little finger)

Hold on to this matte purple with dazzling sparkle
(on third finger)

"The Impossible"
This matte fuscia with star confetti will never give up
(on second finger)

Make it last in this matte black with red glints
(on first finger)

I actually really, really like them! Even the red -which i don't normally like.  I'm a little disappointed with the black, but then it is hard to find a good black (i have a Nails Inc which is on my to do list here!!). Unusually it tells you to not use a top coat, and i can actually see why. So on this occasion its a base coat and two coats of the varnish. The fact it says it's matte i think is a little of an understatement. To look closely, yes you can see its matte, but the "liquid sand" must be what gives it a full blown sparkle when the light hits them.

I loved the blue, but i REALLY loved the purple, which is what i did a full cover with:

With no top coat, im hoping these don't chip quickly. The Butter London i reviewed the other day, chipped within 24hours which disappointed me, but these seem to have a really good coat coverage, but i will make a note when the chips do appear (im hoping not soon!!)

I know i broke my spending ban to get these -BUT i'm really glad i did -i LOVE this set, better than the other ones i've bought and i know i'm going to use it! The only downside to them is that they're the when i run out i'll be on the look out for "Can't Let Go" in full size!


  1. I like the blue and the purple xx

  2. Like the purple, I'm not too keen on the whole matte vibe thou. Fab review and even better price!! Gotta love a bargain! ;)

  3. Hi girls, thanks for stopping by!
    I have to admit, im not normally a fan of matte either -im normally a glitter and shiny girl but i like these for some reason, not sure why!! It is strange to see my nails matte and not shining but they have defientely got a permanent place in my collection!

    Loving the purple aswell!!


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