Sunday, 17 February 2013

NOTD - "The Colour Collection" by Nails Inc

Couldnt resist this as Nails Inc 5 mini set when it was on offer for £8.50 at Asos's sale.

The colours in from left to right are:
Electric Lane
Chealsea Square
Jermyn Street
Sloane Gardens
Notting Hill Gate

Electric Lane is a new one from NI, as a "holographic" polish.  I actually used it on its own with 2 coats, and actually really liked it! So much, im on the look for a full size one to swap!

As usual, a base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat.  I loved it and the way it glittered.

NI describe it as:
"Electric Lane holographic top coat creates an electrifying look over your favourite nails inc polish. The holographic particles transform dark & light polishes. Electric Lane holographic top coat will give you party perfect nails in no time."
A full sized one from NI is £12

Next was Chelsea Square. This was probably my favorite of them all. A gorgeous light red glitter, that looked great when on, even with short nails like mine!!
NI describes it as "Chelsea Square nail polish is a beautiful rose glitter shade. Chelsea Square will make you feel like a princess!"

Not sure about the Princess bit, but i loved the way it looked on and will definetly be looking for this one. Having said that, i have the Butter London's "Rosie Lee" which is extremely similar!
Full Sized Chelsea Square from NI at £11

The next, Jermyn Street, i have to admit to not liking straight away (i think you can tell from my previous NOTD, i love glitter and sparkle, and nice shiny colours. This one wasnt). So instead of putting on, knowing i wouldnt like it and wasting the polish, i used a staple picture. I do know people however, that DO like this shade, so it is just a personal choice.

NI states this colour as " a soft luxurious taupe shade. Jermyn Street is nails inc's bestselling shade and is the original 'greige' colour."

Full Sized can be bought at NI for £11

The next mini in the row is Sloane Gardens. i LOVED this one! Again, a glittery sparkly, and a gorgeous blue. Excuse the messy application -i had a shaky hand!  But if put on smoothly, it would look even better. It actually had the best of the staying power of all the ones in the box ( unless it was just a day where i didnt do anything to knock the polish or soak it off!!).
This is from NI's Winter Collection.

The Full Size can be bought from NI for £11

Last in the box, and another which isn't "my kind of colour" but i know of people who would LOVE it! This bright pink is called Notting Hill Gate....and is not just a bright pink..its one of the NEON shades that NI has released.
Again, a staple picture, which im glad has short nails as it shows how this is another of NI collections that can be worn on short nails, and still look great!  A great one for Summer, or for a night out with a UV top Coat!
A full sized bottle costs £11 direct from NI

FINAL WORD: I know, so i bought a 5 pack of minis, and only liked 3 of them. But still for £8.50, i think it was still a bargain. Mini's are a brilliant way of finding what can look good on your nails, or what suits you.  Theres not  many nail polish sets that someone would love ALL of them. I'm not saying theres none, because i've got other makes of minis and full sets which i adore, but its a rare occasion.

But i say it again...for £ still glad i got this!


  1. All of those colours are fab! ive got my eye on the Black Taxi Cab one... lush xx

  2. Thanks hun!
    ive actually got a few black ones...ive got an NI one but cant remember which one it is!
    Its a colour i never thought id get, but ive now got a few -the problem with blacks is so many come out as a dark grey....maybe it might be time to test the black polishes ive got!!

    Thank you for stopping by!! xx


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