Saturday, 2 February 2013

NOTD Butter London "Lovely Jubbly"

The one nail varnish i bought with my Selfridges Gift Card last week was this one. I chose Butter London as i'd seen the make and colours around for a long time, and was curious about them.
I bought the "Lovely Jubbly" at Selfridges and it cost £12, although i think it can be cheaper elsewhere, just a case of looking i think!
Ive not seen any reviews on Butter London, let alone this shade, so again, its a totally personal opinion on it.

So base coat this time is Nails Inc Air Street to give my Seche a rest and see if the base coat makes any difference!
I put the one coat on of Butter London (to the left), and i have to say i was a little disappointed. Hardly any of the polish seemed to go on to the nail, as you can see from the picture, and i was getting a slow disappointed feeling, like any nail-aholic will tell you when a polish seems to not be good!

As you can see there are gaps inbetween the glitter and its not a great coverage

SO! Waited for the first coat to dry and added the second and final coat of the Butter London.

WOW! What a difference a second coat makes!
It wasnt as easy to get the coverage as many of the other makes i have tried. The brush was quite thin, didnt hold much polish so you had to either have alot on the brush or dip in again.
I found having alot on the brush worked better as you could work with that amount of polish and spread it around the nail. If i dipped the brush back in, the coat had already started to dry and when i brushed back over it kind of caught on some of the drying polish and made it look bumpy and not brilliant!

I used a top coat as always, but again instead of using Seche, i used Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Coat which dried quickly and added an extra shimmer and sparkle.

(base coat, 2 coats of Butter London and a top coat)

It worked out a nice colour and i actually really like it. However, it's not as easy to apply as a plain colour -maybe this one was hard to get the coverage due to the glitter in it, i don't know. I have lots of glitter polishes as i love them, but this one seemed a lot more work to get the full coverage, but it IS pretty!

I musn't be the only one to try a Butter London, and especially this colour. Has anyone tried this colour and found the same outcome? Or have i missed a secret way  to paint on the polish!
Yes it was hard work, but i love the colour, and think it was worth it, but this might be for days when im not exhausted or for special occasions!!!

3rd February 2013

Oh dear. Well, after the tedious amount of time and effort it took to put the nail varnish chipped by this afternoon, and i literally was able to peel off a whole nail of the polish :(
This has saddened me and obviously disappointed

However, it IS glitter, and glitter is known for being able to peel off sometimes, so perhaps this is just what is happening.
When i am out the spending ban or can swap for a plain colour Butter London i'll try again.
All hope is not lost on Butter London, i think ill still try it again and would still use this colour on a night out or special occasion.

As always, this is only my opinion, and others may have had very different results and i would love to read them if thats the case!

Butter London.....i havent written you off yet!!


  1. I love it! it's my birthday on Tuesday so I am hoping to get a sparkly nail varnish of some sort as a gift :-)


  2. Bummer!! I hate when a polish doesn't perform well...especially when it is as pricey as BL. Have you tried using a cream polish as a base with LJ on top?


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