Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New Section!

Hiya guys!
Ive had serious Bloggers block for the last week or so which is why no posts have been done, and Ive felt irritated with myself for not being able to think of anything to write about!!

I have insomnia, so the other night while lying awake, i was on my phone and was browsing Pinterest.
On there i saw a ton of Beauty DIY and lots of tips on how to look and feel your best, and i thought it was perfect for my blog!

So, ill be finding some great tips and DIY, and hopefully trying them out for myself, and letting you see the process.
What i will say, is if you DO decide to try them out, its at your own risk! I don't know how each one will react with different skins etc, even if it IS with natural ingredients. So i don't want anyone saying "but you said it did this!!" if it DOES react.....
On my behalf i will do some research before posting to see if any negative reactions have been found, and will post them if there is any.

Otherwise, i hope you enjoy this new section, I'm kinda excited about doing the DIY bit as I'm on this spending ban so anything that can help save money -always a good thing!

Thank you as always, for reading my blog!!

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  1. OOh what a lovely idea... one of the bloggers I follow did a 'How to make your own lip scrub post, it was fab xx


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