Friday, 15 February 2013

Glossybox February 2013

I know, i know, Spending Ban, yadda, yadda, yadda -what can i say, when i do things, i do them well and i fell off the wagon with a great almighty whack. BUT I'm now back on it, and determined to use my swaps as my only currency again.
In my defence i was suckered in again, but by an offer that took a penny off your order and sending you another box.  So you can see why i thought it would be worth it, the very least i can use them in my box swaps (thank you girlies!!).

So my first box arrived on Tuesday and i had an email today saying that my second one has been dispatched.
As usual with the commercial boxes, huge mixed reviews, with people even getting mini sachets of "massage oil"...for that special someone...Hm. Relieved i didn't get it in my box, but knowing my luck, it will be in the second and as a proud singleton, a complaint will be winging its way to GB, as someone said "if i wanted this kind of item id go to Anne Summers, i don't want it in m beauty box". And to be fair -neither do i....
Well, as boxes go and from what I've seen and heard of others, id rate mine in the middle somewhere. Purely because as usual, even though my profile is filled in, the colours they've sent me are NOT good for my pale fair ghost-like skin complexion. But like i say, I've had MUCH worse boxes in the past..

So in the first box. First off, the box was VERY pretty. GB normally does pink anyway, but added that little extra Rose touch to it.
Its always prettily wrapped with alot of shredded thick paper to make sure the items get to you safely. Can never fault them on that.

It took me ten minutes of looking at it to build up the courage to open it. If you've had boxes, you'll know that feeling. You know you're in for a disappointment, but you don't want to be, but it has to be done...
Breath held......
Anatomicals "You need a blooming shower" body cleanser 150ml.
Full size 300ml £5 (
"This vitalising body cleanser makes ever shower a flower-power experience. The natural healing properties of rose and jasmine leave you feeling fresh and fragrant as a flower, ready to hit the town!"
i HATE the scent of rose in a cleanser!

Doctor Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream 30ml
FULL SIZE 50ml £25 (marks and spencer)
"This luscious cream has an indulgent formula combining four complementary raspberry extracts providing complete comfort and protection during the cold winter months".
This one, i like, i like Dr R's products, so this one stays with me ;)

Helen E Moisturising Lipstick (Raspberry) Full size.
If you google this colour, you'll see its an extremely dark pink. I'm so pale I'm ghostlike sometimes, so this one doesn't stay with me!

Micabella Mineral Blush powder 0.8g (terra-cota)
FULL SIZE 9g £34.95 (
"Micabella's collection is made of 100% natural mica, a crystal-like mineral. The blush powder offers a beautiful hint of colour and natural glitter that can be applied to the cheeks and temples for a healthy translucent glow"
It wouldn't be translucenton my skin -id look like id put my make up on in the dark!
Sorry GB, another strike against....

ModelCo Eyeshadow Duo:Eyeshadow Palette in Bronzed Goddess (2 x 2.35g)
FULL SIZE 3 x 2.35g £18 (
Not much to say -its glittery bronzed eyeshadow. Not my usual colour, so not 100% about this one..

Umm...its a wowwypop. In a heart shape. In a Beauty Box.... umm...hmm....
So theres a definite theme of bronzing in this box. And obviously flowers in salute to Valentine's Day.
Its not the worst box I've ever received...there are times when you open your box and theres nothing but sample sized perfumes, sachets of shampoo and just things you couldn't even sell to recoup any pennies.

How was your box? Were you one of the "lucky" ones who got the massage oil?? Are you happy or disappointed with this one? Have you had your second box and is that any better or worse?

I wonder what my second box holds....... *holds breath*


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