Thursday, 21 February 2013

Box Swap No #4...the BIG one!!

Box Swap No #4

Knock on the door and a big box was delivered.... and it was HEAVY!!
Bringing it in, on the side was my box swappee's return address......
Omg, omg, omg!!!! Eagerly opened find a completley full box all items wrapped up so cutely, it was almost like Christmas Day again!!!!


See? pretty wrapping!!! I almost forgot to take a piccie of this, in all my excitement to unpack it all!!!!

 THIS was the entire contents.......Ive NEVER had a box swap this big and i was thrilled with all of it, Jenny did fantastic, and i really hope to do another with her soon!! She said that the TOWIE items were just funny extras, but actually, theyre gonna be fun to play with!!! This box swap was a £50 swap. I know i went over my limit, and looking and what Jenny put in, im pretty sure she did too.....Looks like we both couldnt help it...This one really was so much fun, it felt like you had free reign!
Having said that, i know it sounds alot,but this has been going since the beginning of January so to not feel the pinch of £50 in one go :)
So, ive enjoyed opening and ogling them all, i hope you think its a good as box as i do, and i so hope Jenny would do another one with me again soon!!!!!

OK, so i tried to get individual pictures of these items, and doing that even made me grin like a kid at many goodies!!! Determined to note all the items, so this may be a loooooooong post!!!!

Not going to have to worry about smelling nice while i have my shower!! Brilliant items, but have to say im looking forward to trying the Philosophy as ive never used Philosophy before!!! Ok so in this picture, there is:
-Yves Rocher Polynesian Tiare Flower Shower Gel 200ml
-Yves Rocher Pure calmille  Gentel Floral Toner (face!!)200ml
-Yves Rocher Pure Calmille Floral Cleansing Milk (face again, lovely!) 200ml
-Philosophy "Falling In Love" Summer Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel ( a massive) 480ml!!!
-Sanctuary Body Lotion 75ml
-Sanctuary Body Wash 75ml

Another great picture of items - i adore lip products, especially lip glosses and these fir the bill perfectly...
-TOWIE Lip Jewels Lipgloss coleection
-No 17 mini lipgloss (way cute!!!)
-Liberty Hello Kitty "Candy Kisses" Lip Tints...perfect from box to glosses!!

As well as my worry of dark circles, my love of nail varnish, is pretty well known...i could have kissed Jenny for this collection!!!!
-Famous "Party Purse" -these have 4 mini glittery nail polishes in purple, turquoise, blue and red -GORGEOUS!!
-The two indiviual is a "Nailed Polish by Sleek" in Belle - a lovely peach colour, and the other is from MUA in Shade 21 -a nice pink, perfect for Summer!
-NI Bow "Purple Reins"...what can i say but heaven!! I LOVE purple nail polishes and this i'd been longinly looking at but didnt buy due to my spending ban, so really, raelly pleased about this one!!
-ELF French Manicure -again perfect- can you beleive with all my nail polishes i dont have the colours for a classic manicure, so just brilliant!!
-Flutter Isabelle nail polish set -ok this is just the cutest -right from the pretty box, to the pretty pictures on the afraid to use them!! (But im sure i will!!!)

This picture contains all the eye products -again, great colours, and will suit my pale complexion. Will list these, as i love them all!! Yes even the "TOWIE" !!
- ELF Smoky Eye Kit
-ELF Shimmering Palette (oh wow, these colours are lovely!)
-TOWIE Lustrious Eyeshadow (wow funky colours!!)
-VIVO Baked Shimmer Palette "Chocloate Box" -again, THIS is fab, will defiently be playing with this!!

WOW -a full picture....ill just list these as theyre all great!!
-yellow netted bag of Clarins skin care (*squeal*!!)
-green netted bag of Molton Brown bath items (*double squeal*!!)
-125ml Lancome Bi-Facial Instant Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes
-Nip & Fab Multi Fix Oil Dry Skin Therapy 100ml
-125ml Avon Anew 2in1 gel cleanser
-Yves Rocher Gentle Make up Remover 125ml
-60ml The Body shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Gel (very cool!!)

I love these box sets - especially the Nip & Fab. This is  a 10-year-younger kit which has a Night fix, a frown fix, and a (yay!!) Dark circle fix too....fab!
The NUXE travel set underneath will come in very handy when i either visit my mum or when i go on holiday later on in the year!

Another Jam packed picture! On the top is Ruby Hammer Eyeliner collection - this has a ton of colours and pencils and gels -fab to have a play with!! next to that is "The Only Way Is Essex" Bling Eyes Glitter Eye Liner -even though is part of the funny things Jenny put in, they look kinda cool to play with again!!
on the bottom is a FAB mini collection of BB Creams -i LOVE BB creams, so this is perfect for me, and theyre all different types -like one is a luminous one, anohter is a prestige....just perfect for me!! The little bottle is Avon Shimmering Body Oil Spray, smells fresh and looks all sparkly, which is a weak point of mine!! The bits next to the bottle is a gorgeous little pot of Lush's Popcorn Lip Scrub (i knew i was getting this, and i knew id love it -and i do!!). I think my worry of dark circles under my eyes is preceeding me!! A  "Hide and Conceal" from MUA and a Brush on Concealer from MUA aswell -ive heard good things about these, so cant wait to try them! 
Last but really not least is a set of fashion nails -these are really cute!! Theyre like little cupcakes with a red heart sparkle on the top!! Love them!!

YUMMY!!! chocolate, cannot go wrong with chocolate in a box swap and this looks so fun to eat!! Ive never seen this before!!!

Im so pleased with the Nail Stamping Kit, ive been looking at starting to do it so how Jenny knew and put this in, i dont know, but definetly looking forward to giving it a whirl!
next to that is a fab colour Stila Lipgloss, and a really cute"Merry & Bright" collectible Holiday palette that has eyeshadows and a lip/cheek colour - again, really useable colours!

So there you go!! Im over the moon with it all, i think Jenny did an amazing job, she really put alot of thought into it and remembered what id said i liked, didnt like and loved, and what my skin etc was like.  That makes a great box....

it brings me back to the commercial ones and think if you put 5 months of boxes together -theres no way youd get this kind of contents...and again, it makes me glad im not subbed to any!!

To Jenny i have to say .......


  1. OMG I dont even know where to start with my commenting... other than wow... I am jealous, amazing box, cute paper, great products... wow...

  2. hehee, i know right!! LOVED it all!!!

  3. Ohhhh wow! What a super treat :D That's a fab box swap.
    A bit like Christmas :D


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