Monday, 18 February 2013

Box Swap No #3



Another Fantastic boxswap, done with a fabulous girl called Ruth.
This box had a limit of £15, and i think Ruth did fantastic and i love it!!

First of all, i loved the box, wrapping and the obvious care that she took with it! Reusing one of the gorgeous boxes from Joliebox, inside i opened it to a well wrapped inside with gorgeous gold little angels scattered on the top :)

A really cute touch was the menu of items she included in the top of the box! Not had that before, very sweet!!

Ok, onto the items! For the £15 limit, i think Ruth did fantastic. I have lots of items to try and test, and full size items that i think are fantastic!

So on to the contents!! In this picture is:
*L'Occitane Sweet Cherry bath Soap (what a gorgeous fragrance)
*Avon Darling Curves Mascara (i love trying new mascaras!!!)
*Stila Lip Glaze (Joy) -really looking forward to trying this! LOVE lip items!!

A full picture of fantastic goodies!!

On the top row is Barry M chameleon nail polish in blue which will turn to purple when a top coat is added (i do have other colours in this range, but not this, so really looking forward to this!!)
The next two items are from Cath Kidston -wild Rose Body Lotion , Bluebell Shower Gel and a Pocket mirror and under that is a cute packet of tissues to round off the gorgeous little collection!
Next to those is a little tub of Benefit Total Moisturiser Face Cream (heaven, as i love Benefit, and love trying creams!!), and a gorgeous little lip balm from the Body Shop in Passionberry (yum!!).

This "Be Enchanted" Eye shadow set, is really really cute, and i love the box! The colours are going to be a first for me,as im normally a smokey shade, but how could i not try something from such a cute case!!

Ruth included a few extra samples for me to give a whirl!
-Mary Kay Timewise Matte-wear Foundation
-Montagne Party Shimmer
-Paulas Choice Skin Balancing Mask
-Priadara Triple & Gel
-Sun Shots protection
-Elemis Purifying Mask

Oh and how could i forget to take pictures of the two gorgeous Yankee Wax Tarts in refreshing  and clean scents of "Soft Blanket" and "Sparkling Snow"

SO, there it is, box number 3 with a £15 limit.
i LOVE it.
I did a review of the February Glossybox the other compare what they put in the box, and to compare what Ruth gave me in this one....
I really know which one i prefer! And no feeling of worry of being can you be with a box like that!!

A huge, massive thank you to Ruth for doing a box swap with me, and i really, really hope to do one with her again soon!!

I have 2 more on the go at the is on its way to me, and one is in the middle of being complied!
I never tire of doing surprise box swaps, and hope they give you a sight of what a GOOD box can be!!!

So to Ruth and all my other great box swaps.......


  1. Enjoyed reading this and seeing all the wee photos!! That was so much fun. Will keep reading your blog and looking forward to seeing your other swaps xo

  2. I love reading these posts and can't wait to see your blog posts on what the products are like and seeing your other swaps xx

  3. Thanks girls!
    These box swaps really are a great way to get a box you know will have bits in that youll like! So much better than the commercial ones, and so much fun to put one together and so great to recieve!!

    thanks for stopping by again girls!!


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