Sunday, 3 February 2013

Belle's Story and her Personalisation

So i went to my mums on the mainland for Christmas in a great big honking Volvo s80, and came back in January in a teeny Peugeot 206!!!
How i managed to get me, 2 dogs and 4 weeks worth of belongings in the new car, i really don't know -mum and i must have great Tetris skills!!!

Shes definitely a "she" but i seem to think most cars are!! I seem to have attached myself to this one, even though our first run was a nightmare.
We'd literally picked it up from the garage, about to drive onto the motorway, when a hiccup happened in the electrics -i panicked, but mum said "it's fine", so calmed down and got onto the motorway, it was dark and absolutely hammering it down with rain......i was in the middle lane....and she cut out. Everything....right down to the hazard warning lights......we managed to glide to the side of the motorway....but where should it come to a stop? Yup a slip road.....then smoke came out of the dashboard....
To say we freaked was an understatement!!!!!  We were sat there in the dark, no lights, lashing rain, convinced that someone would smash into the back of us because they couldn't see us.....
So while i had a greatly time panic attacking imagining us blowing up, mum called the garage, who thankfully came and rescued us and took us back to the garage and got the AA out to her. We were frozen, pale, freaked and sat in the back of the wee corsa they'd brought and came back to their garage, and we took my old Volvo back to mums while they fixed her!
So home with the Volvo! I should point out that before i drove to my mums, the Volvo had its own little attack. I took it to the Volvo garage in Antrim and was told it needed a new "something" that would cost about £500 and no guarantee it would work, and i had in fact been told that by a previous reliable mechanic a few months that's how car shopping came about!!!

The garage called us that same night. The problem was an earth wire snapping, which apparently can happen at any time to any car -it just happened on our maiden voyage home!!!
They brought it back to us the next day after checking it all over again, and running it up and down the motorway 3 or 4 times.

Since then, not a thing has gone wrong with her. Shes a 1999 206 2.0 GTI ( you should see the exhaust -its HUGE  and im sure im going to look like a girl 33???!), its not what i went out looking for, it just turned out to be the best car for the money!!!

The exhaust that will make them hear me coming 10mins before i get there!!!! *blush*

We got home to NI fine, and now on the first day of February, i have to say, I've taken to her. Shes comfortable, shes nowhere near eating the petrol the Volvo did, shes great to park with, and wow can she zip when you put her in 2nd or 3rd gear.!
Shes a gorgeous pearl blue colour and i thought the name Belle would suit her.
I hard to personalise her, i think everyone (probably mainly girls!!) should personalise their car.
I had to make sure i was happy with her before i added my touches, and I'm really really happy with her! So here's my personalisation to my little Belle

At the front window of the drivers side is my wolf sticker!
I dont know how its happened but i have a fascination with wolves. I think they're majestic lovely animals and even at home i have several canvas art in my bedroom of them. I have a tattoo of a wolf print and the Kanji for "WOLF" underneath. Might sound strange but the tattoo has left me feeling never alone, and the sticker just magnifies that :)

On the back window:

i found the "The more i meet.." sticker a few years ago and had it on my Volvo. When i came to take it off to try and replace it into here, it ripped in half, so i had to buy a new one. Not expensive from a place on Amazon called "Signs Of Saltford" for £2 plus postage and i've actually had alot of people smile at it and alot of people telling me how true it is....!
And of course, any dog owner or lover has to have the big yellow sticker promoting that "Dogs Arent For Christmas" from the Dogs Trust.

The car came without any caps on the wheel valves and i was deciding between blue ones, black ones and the ones i actually ended up getting. Just the simple Peugeot sign on them, i think they look perfect :)
Onto the inside. Im a huge kid at heart and although this began life as a car air freshener, i hadnt the heart to throw it out, so its stayed with me!
All i need now is a mascot.....I did get a gorgeous old style Garfield in his PJ's with mega cute slippers, but he was too big for the car, so i need to find a smaller companion!! Will put up my picture of my little mascot when i get him (and it IS always a him...strange!!)

So thats me and my new ride, Belle!
Ive never had a Peugeot before, how does everyone rate them? Have you had one? Was it reliable or something you got shot of smartish!!

5th February 2013
So the kid in me rises again...

Was a little disappointed that the Garfield i bought was too big to be my mascot, but i wanted a Garfield in there somewhere, so i i found this little guy on Ebay (where else!) and had to have him......
Im probably showing my age with this kind of accessory, but there was a time when everyone had some sort of cuddly clip on on their windscreen mirror -shows how cars have changed -they are now not big enough for my poor clip on garfield to hang onto, so for now he's on my Sat Nav holder, but when i have to use my Sat Nav, i think his permanent home will be on the dog guard, keeping them safe in the back seat!!!!

7th February 2013

Another addition to the outside of the car....I love paw prints, and on the volvo i had them on the petrol flap bit, so i thought id do it again.....


  1. I used to have a 206, she had her problems but I loved her endlessly until I wrote her off in 2011, the car I replaced her with just isn't worth mentioning :'( Yours looks lovely, and I definitely identify with your "The more people I meet, the more I love my dog" sticker ;) xx

  2. ooh thats good to know about 206's! -i think..!! Im hoping i have no more problems with belle. Shes driving really well, she did a big motorway run the other day, which i admit to being nervous when i drove down, but when i drove back, i was much calmer!
    My little traveller, Penny labrador, is taking some time getting used to it!! Shes used a big volvo with leather heated seats, and this is soooo not what shes used to!!!! :p
    Thanks for the comment hun, and yup, that sticker gets ALOT of smiles!!

    1. Mine was old and driven too roughly, I also learnt to drive in her - all her problems were caused by me haha! I'm sure Penny will adapt - I used to fit a boxer and two border collies in mine, somehow!! :) xx


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