Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Beauty Box Swap #1

Box No #1

As im on the well published spendng ban, my only real currency as said before is swapping.
I am in the middle of 3 box swaps, all in different stages.
i LOVE doing box swaps. You and the other person discuss what you like, what you dont like and a price limit for the box, and off you go!
It really is so much fun putting one together...then you send it....then you start to get nervous that the other person wont like it...!! And you sit and bite your nails for a few days until you get a message to say they loved it (well all mine have been so far!!!) and you breath a sigh of relief, and sit and wait eagerly for yours!!!

My first one has been from a great girl in Ireland, who luckily liked my box, and im expecting hers anyday and i cant wait! I know im going to love it!

11th February 2013

Whoop! Whoop! My box arrived today from my Lovely Irish Swapper, and i couldnt wait to share them on here!
The Limit on this one was £15 and its gobsmacking the amount of items you can get for that amount...
Check it out...!

A Gorgeous Set of Glittery Nail Varnishes (one of my major weakness!!)

A couple of tealight holders, which is perfect for me as i have a ton of candles of all sorts, and love them!
Love the simplicity of this pair -sometimes simple is more striking!

This is a lifesaver on days when you just dont have the energy to wash the hair and its looking a wee bit lack lustre and needs a bit of a umph! I love Dry Shampoo, it covers a multitude of sins and  gives your a hair a break from blow drying and straightening (in my case!!) for a day!

Wow, 4 mascaras!! This helps as i was going to do a mascara test on the blog, its been slightly postponed, but is definetely in the pipline!
The one on the right is "Volume Boost mascara" from Primark. Anything with VOLUME in the title can only be good!
The next is from Ted Baker, the brush looks great on this one.
Next to that is Collection 2000 "Longer Lash" and the gorgeous pink tube is from Chit chat called "Lash Building Mascara" -  a lovely thick brush to use! If the Chit Chat is as good as its chubby stick lipstick, ill be very happy!!

Lipcote is a fantastic product! Keeps any lipstick, gloss or balm in place for ages, and doesnt leave any marks on cups from drinking! Love this item! Two gorgeous lipsticks, the one on the left is from maybelline Watershine Gloss in colour "Natural Sunset".  The No7 next to it is in a vibrant  colour called Classic Rose and is really pretty!

A 50g tub of Champneys Distant Shores Body Scrub "with passionfruit and mango extracts".
Oh wow! This smells heavenly -might be coming with me on holiday, it has that kind of scent on it...or maybe leave it till after my hols to remind me of the sun, sand and relaxation!!

i LOVE this! Its a mega pretty case, and inside has my favorite of smokey colours, with a mirror, a brush and even a handy "how to" guide! Love this!!

I know alot of people are massive fans of Soap and Glory, and maybe its because ive not tried much of the range, but i don't really go out of my way to buy any kind of item from theirs apart from their body sprays.
They smell so fresh and seem to last for ages!
This one is the moisturising spray which is lovely when it absorbs into the skin.
Very happy with this one!! :)

A couple of nail items to play with!! Ive never actually used nail wraps, despite having them, but i might have an afternoon playing with these wraps and see how they like my short nails!
Next to it as a little tub of sparkling circles that would brighten up a nail once glued into place.
Another happy item as ive never tried them, and this makes me want to just sit and have a Nail play afternoon!!!!

And to top the box off, some smaller items and samples which are always great to have to see if i'll buy the product in the future!

On the right hand side picture there is a 30ml bottle of the devine scented MONU Instant Radiance micro exfoiliant (ooh this looks great to try!).Next is a 10ml tube of MATIS Intensive Firming Body Cream, a small tube of Olay Regenerist 3-point treatment cream and a gorgeous No7 single eyeshadow in a sparkly charcoal colour.

In the left hand side picture is a few sachets to try. From the left is Boots Natural Collection Rosemary & witch Hazel Fce Mask. sounds great for my tired skin!  Next to that is a Hydrating hair Mask (fab!). Then a 60g sachet of Sanctuary Salt Scrub -this im looking forward to trying as my mum swears by it, but ive never tried it, and the full sized tub is quite pricey! Last but not least is a hair Mask for Dry or Damaged hair (which i guess i qualify for with my colouring and straightening!).

So thats my £15 box that i recieved. Im really, really happy with it, and a huge thank you to my swappee!
I hope this also shows you that for the price of one of the commercial boxes that only have 4 or 5 items in, most of the time, you wouldnt use, you could get something like this, with a ton of items that you WOULD use!

happy Box Swapping....!! ;)


  1. I nominated you for a Liebster award :)

  2. eeeeepppp!!!!! glad u got it & have the blog post up already im impressed!!! the candle holders go upside down & u can stick in the long candles in them 2 , & the mint thing round theeyeshadow pallet is a hair tye i love these ones !!!!

  3. OOh how lovely...I want the MONU Instant Radiance micro exfoiliant to try xx

  4. Amazing value, all that for £15! And yes the box people could definitely learn a lesson from this!
    Angela x


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