Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Beauty Box Swap No #2

No #2

Aren't i lucky!! My second Box Swap also arrived today -bet my postman loved me!!!!
This one was slightly higher than Box Swap No #1 and was a corking £30. It was all in a Luxbox -it was a bit like a Jack in the box-i opened it, and whoosh! It popped out all the items!!!
So, like the £15 swap, i decided to share this with you too....£30 worth of goodies, which made me smile when i opened my post!!!

First off - a classic of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula 250ml. Its been years since ive tried this, so its kinda good to get it to try again. I think this might be coming on holiday with me incase of any sun burn, this should absorb well into the skin and help it (i hope!!)

Next, Loreal Sublime Bronzer Mist for fair skin. Unfortunately this one i wont be able to use which saddens me. Over the years i have tried all kinds of fake tan (including this one) and no matter what i do, what i add, how i do it, i always go orange and streaky and its extremely frustrating :( 

oooh i smiled when i saw these!! i love creams of all sorts and happy to try any, but can you believe ive never actually tried Clarins!! So this is perfect for me! So here i have a 15ml bottle of HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase for dehydrated skin -again, the first thing that came to mind when i saw "Dehydrated" was holiday, so again, this one might be going on travels with me!Next to it is a 5ml tube Daily Energizer Cream. Ive never actually heard of this, so its a great size to have a try of and see if it suits my skin! :)

Oh my box swappees know how to make me smile!! This looks FAB! Its a 50ml Front Row Blonde Dry Shampoo. Ive never tried this make, and to be honest never actually tried one aimed for blonde hair, so looking forward to giving this one a spray or 2!

Oh yum!! These look brilliant! The Collection 2000 Pure Gloss Sheer Lipgloss smells like fruity and i cant wait to use this! Next to it is a perfect colour for me MUA lip gloss (Shade 5) -i do love MUA products (despite the hiccup from the 50% sales) so love these too!

I almost drooled when i saw four (FOUR!!!) Nail polishes!! The Ciate ones, i actually already have the one on the left, the classic "Wait Until Dark", next is "My Fair Lady" a very pale cream, so pale you can still see the white tip of your nails, but its actually a really pretty colour! And WOW! Next to that is an eye grabbing, vibrant pink from George, Ive used Georges Nail polishes before and theyre actually really really good, and great value for money and have a brilliant range of colours (i have purple and blue from there already). The mini Orly next to it, i really do LOVE -its called Pink Lemonade and although its IS a pink, its not as vibrant as the George one and has a gorgeous shimmer to it. Love them all!!

WOW.  A fab amount of potions and lotions!! Starting from the left is a mini bottle of Estee Lauder's Advance Night Repair. Again, something ive never bought due to the price, so this will give me some indication if it suits my skin, makes a massive difference, and worth the cost! Next to that is good old Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser -i do use alot of Clinique products, but again, not this one! Shiseido Cleansing Foam -again something ive never tried due to cost, but this is perfect for me to give it a whirl! Neal's Yard Daily Moisturiser next, i have used this before, and it was lovely! The next 3 little items are a little shampoo trial size, Olay regenerist and WEI age serum. Fab little collection here!!

A few bits of make up. Its hard to get make up items right, but my swapee did brilliantly here. The George Lipliner is a beautiful colour in "Holywood Red". The eyeshadow is from Frontcover and is a deep bronze colour which is perfect for me.  And last (but defeintely not least!) is an MUA 3 in 1 extreme Contour liner :)

 i LOVEd this when i opened it. From No7 this is a "Total Colour compact". it has eyeshadows to the left and under those are lipcolours. To the right are blushers and a space for me to put small brushes to make it totally portable! Love it!

This is so pretty! Its a multiple bead bracelet and again, my first thought was "ooh would look great on holiday!!" so this is another item coming with me!!

And finally, its not a box without a few sachets!!! These included Diesel Fuel For Life Perfume Sample Vial, Tresemme hair shampoo and conditioner and finally a nose pore strip (oooh need to try this!!)

So there it is. A £30 box swap, another which i'm really happy with. Completely enjoyed the whole experience from me picking items for my swapee's box, all the way through to opening my box and writing it here!
So many emotions go through you when doing these boxes, because its only natural that you want to make a box good for the other person, so youre excited while putting it together.....shocked at the price of delivery (LOL!), worry about the other person not liking your box, anticipation for your box to arrive, surprise and joy when you open your own box....
I love it all. I have one box that i have finished and about to send out to another swapee and two more just about to begin.

I totally love these, and as long as you have trust with the other person that theyre not going to swaplift you by taking a box and not returning on (i think thats happened to alot of people, me included) and thats very disappointing and heartbreaking that youve put trust in somone who had no intention of sending one back.
But i think youll find that most people are just as trustworthy as you are and just as excited to do a box swap with all the emotions and fun attached with it...

Happy Box Swapping..........!!!


  1. Oh wow you have had a couple of fab boxes haven't you? And they both did so well by not duplicating hardly anything you already have. I'm looking forward to reading more of these posts, both yours and your swapees hopefully.
    Angela x

  2. this is why i love doing box swaps! So much fun. Ive got one more to send and one more to recieve then starting 2 more -love doing them!!


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