Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Nosey on my Bedside Table

Ok, so i admit -i cleaned and tidied the area before taking piccies!!! come on,give a girl a break....I'm not one of the naturally tidy ones (unfortunately!) -my mother would be witness to this!!

Ive done whats in my make up bag, so a good step would be to show you what i keep next to me on my side of the bedside....having said that....both are my side, but i always sleep on the right, so keep all creams etc there. 
On the other side of the bed is my storage of perfumes, lipglosses and jewellery which ill take a piccie of when that's cleaned up too!! ;)

Full picture of my bed side table........(apologies for the light, it was night!)


I thought it would be easier to split the picture in two and tackle my side that way -so first of all on the right hand side of the table -its where i keep my creams etc... They're stored in a Clinique small plastic storage box that someone kindly included in a swap i did, knowing i would be able to use it, and she was right - it made the jumble a lot easier to find and not knock everything over!!
in that storage block is where i keep lotions, potions and sprays.
There is:
Origins Zero Oil Toner 150ml
Nip & Fab Dark Circle Fixer 15ml
Good Things Mattifying Moisturiser 100ml
Origins Drink Up Intensive (Overnight moisturiser) 100ml
Clinique Step 2 Claryfing Toner 60ml (i had a big bottle that i just finished to put into this smaller bottle for ease)
S&G Easy Glistening Mist 150ml
"Love Actually" Perfume
LUSH Popcorn Lipscrub

Behind that is a huuuuuge bottle of Dermalogica Multi Active Toner spray that i got months ago, and tend to forget its there!
Waitrose Face Wipes -my mothers fault they're there -brilliant cleansing wipes, which ever style you get, soft, smells nice and even removes mascara.

There are 2 candles behind there -one in its box from Baylis & Harding that my mum bought me for Christmas two years ago and i haven't the heart to use it, but the one next to it is an average Glade one for relaxation that i have used and still has some wick left so haven't thrown it yet!

At the front you'll spy a little glitter Duckie and a little glitter owl! These are lipbalms (again a Christmas present from mum). Too cute to use, and i love them sat there!!
if you can see the little black ball next to them, its my favourite lip balm "Balmi" in blackcurrant. I always need a lip balm nearby as i suffer chapped and dry lips which is extremely annoying and even worse when you don't have a lip balm to hand!!
The LUSH Lip Scrub i was given in a recent box swap (number 4) and i LOVE it, it makes my lips feel so soft and i try to use it every night -you do notice when you haven't used it!

You can see something white with a black base next the waitrose wipes. This is a battery operated light (actually really nice, changes colours as it goes). the reason for this is i live in Northern Ireland, and although I'm not as rural as i used to be i am still rural and power cuts can happen without warning -I'm petrified of the dark (yep at my age!), so i keep this and (on the other picture)  2 other battery operated lights so i know ill always have light and to not panic!!

The perfume, although the link is at Amazon for a staggering £15.99, B&M have it for £2.99. I use the cheaper bottle of perfumes i get to make the room and bed cover i use to keep the dogs off the actual duvet cover, smell nicer! Trust me, its a loooot better than doggy smells!!

As for the right hand side of it, there's the obvious bed side light, shining brightly!!
I'm still a massive kid at heart, so next to my bed is the "Friendship" Care Bear -i have a few others, but he was my latest and just found his way there!
The little yellow and blue tube things you can see -nightlights! Yup, me and my fear of the dark and the kid side of me rolled into one...the yellow is Winnie The Pooh and the blue is from Toy Story!
The stripey bag at the bag, holds my medications. I take alot, so need to keep them together, but i always use to just have them everywhere. Mum bought me the Revlon bag set and suggested to use the big one for the meds, perfect idea and that's where they've lived ever since. I can leave them out, and they don't look out of place -just a pretty bag!

I always have to have a drink at night, and i normally just bring a can of Coke Zero, or Pepsi Max up with me, as i can drain them during the night, and take my meds in the morning with it.

My Kindle - the one thing, i cant be without, and would seriously be lost without it!! This is its normal place, but if I'm going somewhere that i have to wait it will come in my bag with me, to help kill time.  It has a black wolf sticker on the front, that you can just make out if you look closely at the bottom left hand corner. I used to have a burnt orange one, and this was on it, but the cover broke (its the one with the integrated light) and they only had the black (which i prefer anyway!). The kindle inside has a wolf plasticy sticker on the back and along the sides and keyboard on the front (i did say i love wolves! -in my bedroom i have 6 wolf canvas pictures which i love and a dream catcher that has a wolf howling in the middle...they just make me feel like I'm being watched over at odd as that might sound!!).

The two bottles you'll always find me having next to my bed as well, even if i go to mums or on a weekend trip somewhere.
The taller slimmer bottle is Avon's Sleep Therapy Goodnight Pillow Mist.  This i use as a nightly spray, so go through it quite quickly. It is a nice smell, but the one next to it, is my ultimate favourite and i use sparingly due to its price, so if i feel like i deserve a little treat or i need an extra nice sleepy scent this is the one i reach for. It's Molton Brown's Relaxing Yuan Zhi Ambiente (100ml). And as much as the Avon is nice, it cant compare to MB's spray. Mum treats me to one at Christmas as i cant really afford to buy one unless i see it cheap on EBay!

So there it is! Not very exciting i know, Ive seen bedside tables jam packed with fabulous and brilliant items and mine is just, lotions, potions and my kindle! Even though i do spend alot of time on bed or in bed due to my ME, i do try to keep it tidy...i fail quite a lot but i do get on top of it every now and then.
I tend to bring my laptop up to bed with me if its just the pain and fatigue I'm trying to wait out, rather than actual tiredness so i can still browse the net and maybe tootle on my now..!!

I needed a post to get me back into the swing of writing on here again, as i plan to do a new section on Beauty DIY and actually it scares me a bit but I'm also looking forward to trying all these natural concoctions up!

If you got this far, thank you! I hope it wasn't too boring, and thanks for coming and having a peek at me!


  1. I cannot be without my Kindle either xx

  2. I love these types of posts, find it interesting what people choose to have next to their beds, not the lotions ect, the personal things. Like your care bear and battery operated lights, it's nice to learn more about the people we interact with online. I don't think the Avon pillow mist has much f a smell tbh, really mild, i still use it though as i won't waste it. I like the sound of the Molton Brown one though, may have to look out for that being on offer somewhere.
    Angela x


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