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What I'm Reading......"House of Night" Series

Ok, i seem to be on a role with this blog thing.....!
I thought id share what i read as i go on.  I already stated what kind of books i like on the first post on the blog.
I hope, if you're wondering what to pick up off your TBR file, this might help you a little?

I am reading the Series:

OK, literally tonight ill be starting the book "Betrayal" by P C Cast and Kristen Cast.

This is book 2 in the "House of Night" series.

Book One ("Marked") introduces us to the world of the vampyres, and our heroine Zoey "Redbird".  House of Night is the name of the school newly marked Vamps ("fledglings") go to learn about the ways of the vamps and they have 4 years to either become fully adult vampyres or...they reject the change.
As usual the requisite bitches are there, and we watch as Zoey tried to settle in, make friends and get through her first semester, all the time with hunk Erik Night weaving in and out the story.......

I finished Book one "Marked" last night - i LOVED it, was easy to read, characters were brilliantly written and it was clear to read, no confusion. I think its aimed at the YA, but trust me and dont ever think because theyre aimed at that age group that adults shouldnt read them, alot of my TBR pile and READ pile has been for YA's.
Will let you know how the series continues....

17th January 2013
I had a bad night sleep last night, so ended up finishing "Betrayal".
WOW. This is only the 2nd book in the series that ive read, and i lvoe it and totally hooked already.
Our heroine Zoey, has more on her plate in this book as her "specialness" shows itself in more ways and she begins to gain wobbly confidence.  With a name of the book like this, you KNOW someone is going to betray her, and its not as clear until the end of the book, and leaves it wide open for you to walk into the next book......"CHOSEN"...which i started almost immediately.....

There are novella's that slot into the books, that i have btu until now didnt know where they slotted in!
So before i carry on with the series, i need to read
"Dragon's Oath" which comes after "Marked",
"Lenobia's Vow" which follows "Betrayed".
"Neferet's Curse" follows "Chosen" so i need to get this to be able to follow the series as its supposed to be!
Reviews to be continued but i would definetely recommend this series so far...

25th January 2013
WOW -ok so the story and the series continues! I started the next in the series "Untamed" last night.

"Chosen" felt to me like the setting of whats to come.  Zoey had a rough time in this book, and we start to see more sides of more characters in it and it feels like "Untamed" is the beginning of the REAL story -i think we've been building the situation and setting the background up until now.

Even though this is a YA book and i have seen mixed reviews, i am really enjoying it. Yes it's written with a teenager's narrative...but (duh!) Zoey IS a teenager, so why expect her to speak like a 30 year old woman?
I haven't read the novellas yet, for some reason i can't find where exactly they fit into the series, the places i thought they were, turns out not to be, so further research into that!

So only 2 chapters into the new book....a new character introduced, the HIgh Priestess of ALL time enters and we see Zoey not yet trusted by her circle of friends from all she kept from them in the last book.......

29th January 2013
PHEW!!! Ok, so "Untamed" devoured and completley enjoyed and was not expecting the direction it took but some of the events shows us what some folks were planning along the last few books! Left at the end to pick up straight away in the next book "Hunted", which I had to restrain myself to not start reading last night, so i can start it tonight!
This series i swear is getting better by the book
I feel much more in synch with Zoey, i feel annoyed when shes doubted or cheesed off, i feel myself smiling when happy and good things happen to her. I havent read a book or series in a while that i can identify with the characters -not just Zoey.
there is only one thing that is actually starting to grate a little bit, and thats when the two girls who are physically opposite but mentally, emotionally and everything else the same call each other "Twin".  I feel its put in where it doesnt have to be. We get the point the girls are connected, but if this is the only problem i have.....its all good!

So Book 5 of the series:

i still havent read the novellas, I'll have to check where theyre actually supposed to fit into the series and get reading those, so tonight may change to the novellas, but will review those if thats the case!

Looking forward to going to bed, purely so i can read -thats quite geeky isnt it!!

12th February 2013

Its been a while till i got to the end of this one, not because it was boring or anything, i just had a bad health for a couple of weeks which left me with little concentration to read.
BUT i finished "Hunted" last night.

Like the other books..this flowed through the whole book, no boring bits, no skimming on my behalf.
I've got a feeling that the "bad guys" in this, although have been "banished" by (who else!) Zoey  we havent seen the last of them.

Zoey is slowly stepping into and accepting the role of a near future High Priestess, and Vamps are pledging their allegiance and she has the right things to say to accept them and to be forgiven by Nyx.

Considering its a Vamp book, theres not really much Vamp action or bringing attention to them or their fangs or desire for blood only a few times through it. Its like a fantasy book and the main characters just happen to be fledglings or Vamps.

i dont know if that will change......but im still intrigued by the series and happily carrying on....!!

Book 6 "Tempted" picked right off where "Hunted" ended.

Dont forget, if you want to read the blurb on each book, click on the pictures and that will take you through to it, and see if you want to read it or not! :)

27th February 2013

This was very different to the other HoN series. It not only did it from Zoey's point of view, but did it from several other characters.
Im not saying thats a bad thing, in fact it was quite refreshing to see what others were thinking rather than seeing just Zoey's  side.
So in this one, the "nerd herd" eventually moved back to the school. Several sad things to be found, but as normal Zoey and the group are able to help....

I dont really want to do any spoilers, but the ending feels very much like the beginning of something new in the next one. I ve noticed before a book is more like a "fill in" to explain bits and pieces and to set it up for the next big thing.
Again, nothing really Vampish about the storyline. The only real thing that reminds you is the blood need and the keeping away from the sun. it really is like a normal teenage story, and they happen to be vamps...

That sounds like i didnt enjoy it, but i did. This one was easy to put down and pick up again, which was good as ive not been too good, but i picked the next book up straight away, but then put it down, leaving tit ready to read tonight...
So now, im on book 7 - "BURNED"

16th March 2013

So to the 7th book in the series.

A strange one....more about how everyone else was doing, than about Zoey this time, altho her prescence in the storyline was always mentioned and apparently key to alot of the outcomes.

we saw more of Stevie Rae's thoughts, Stark, even Rapheim and Kalona had a couple of inserts.

Im interested to see how the new plot with Stevie Rae is going to pan out....its a bit of a difficult one to imagine...not mentally or emotionally, but definetly in a physical way.

The book leaves us for once, with a happy -ish ending, not really a cliff hanger as the previous ones have been, but it felt like it was a way to draw a line under alot of the events that have happened.

it seemed to take me longer to read this, but that wasnt the case -ive been poorly, with constant headaches, migraines and eye soreness included, so it was difficult to read alot, but i did when i could.

Im still enjoying the series, altho i think this was the weakest one ive read so far, im hoping the next one will pick up the momento it has had in the previous.

I would still recommend this to be in your TBR file if you havent. Its easy to read, flows and is enjoyable...i just hope it carries on as some books seem to flail after a while....

Up and onto the next with anticipation....

Book 8 "Awakened"

Happy Reading!!


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  2. Ahh I love the HON series, I think I am a bit behind now though, not read one for a year!




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