Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Trial and Review of Olay Regenerist Derma Eye Pods

These seem to be quite popular.....but ive heard mixed reviews.  Only way to tell if something is right for you is to try it, right?
When these came out they were a stonking approx RRP of £25 -infact the price can vary so much, if you are interested in trying them, i'd look around!
Feel Unique have them at £22.15 However, if you have a B&M store nearby, they're a massively lower price of £4.99!!

So heres my trial and results!
This is my third night with having used the little pods.
I suffer with dark circles and bags -especially when my M.E is kicking up and when i'm mega tired, so if i'm honest im not expecting great things from these. I think if youre early 20's with no bags or circles it may be great, but i do have a little sceptisism at this early point.

Each night ive dabbed on like it says and then gently rubbed into a circle.  Nothing seems to happen until about 15-20 minutes later. Under and by the side of my eyes start to feel tighter, and the skin feels as if ive had something sticky on it and its dried on -when i open and close my eyes widely, i can feel the stretch of it.

23rd January 2013

Ok, so ive done this for a couple of weeks now.
I have to say the initial feelings i got under my eyes, didn't go away and everytime i used one it was still feeling dried on and not absorbed in the skin.
I sometimes can have sensitive eyes -in the past years not so much as they all seem to cater for sensitivity. Even so, when it comes to my eyes, i do take extra care.
However, these made my eyes itchy and dry in themselves after useage. I carried on with the trial just to see if it eventually stopped, but no, each time i used it my eyes went very dry and itchy which made them sore when i itched them!

This is a personal trial, so there maybe girls out there who swear by them, but i didnt feel my skin was smoother, my bags and dark circles were still very much there (unfortunately!!) and i just found they weren't the eye product for me.

PROS: Great price, easy to use, nice scent, just enough in each pod to use on both eyes, so no wastage.

CONS: No results in making skin smoother, less bags, less dark circles, affected eyes -made them dry and itchy, didn't feel absorbed into the skin around the eye area

FINAL COMMENT: For me, even at its lower price, i wouldn't use these again, I felt i had more cons, than pros with this, which was disappointing as i had heard some good things and the box said it would do the things that i would have liked to have happened to my eye area. Unfortunately, not for me.

How about you? have you tried them? Did you find them actually ok to use? Any great improvements? Or was your experience like mine?


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  1. I used these a few years ago when I lived in America. I really liked them and did feel they improved the overall look of my eye area. Back then I didn't have bags or dark circles, but felt my wrinkles improved in appearance and the skin around my eyes felt smoother.The only reason I haven't used them since I have been back in England is the price, for £25 I can get a Clinique product on sale! But now I know they are available at B and M's I will definitely buy some. Sorry they made your eyes sore, for me they felt great.
    Angela x


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