Monday, 28 January 2013

Trial and Review of Nip & Fab Dark Circle Fix

Okay -so another trial for me to do, and yes its to do with my eyes AGAIN.  I do have a problem with dark circles and bags -ive had them ever since a teenager, and obviously the more tired i am, or the bad days of my M.E they get even worse.  I would never be without my beloved "Erase Paste" from Benefit as its the only concealer I have found to cover the darkness and actually hides it so well.  BUT i need to try and help them lessen with bringing in an extra part to my cleansing routine.

I got this with my Selfridges Gift Cards (my only currency during my spending ban is gift cards and swaps!) as i was hooked as soon as i read "Dark Circle Fix" and "boosts Tired Looking Eyes" -who wouldn't want that!!!

However, along with the majority of products on sale, there are mixed reviews on it. On Boots itself there are 2 clashing reviews like all products, you need to try to see if it works for YOU and YOUR skin.

This is a 15ml pump and costs around the area of £15.
The instructions are 
"to pat a tiny amount along brow bone and under eye area. Can be used morning +/- night"
As i do my main cleansing routine, ill be using this at night before i tuck into bed.
I will take a picture of my eyes before i go to bed tonight and upload it to here so we have a starting point. I will update each week, and can only hope that this helps!!Not a great picture but it needs to be done!! So me, no make up, seriously black circles as ive not slept for 4 or 5 nights!!

(urrghh, i apologise in advance, well, in retrospect now -seriously need to sleep!!!)

Right, so i've put the first application on. Two pumps of the bottle look like this:
Its more like a serum than a cream, which actually i'm surprised about as most eye creams, tend to be that -creams. Serums, i feel absorb better into the skin and quicker.
I patted around the eyes as directed, and although it felt a little greasy at first when i put it on my finger, it actually wasn't when i applied it and it went on easily, not greasy and absorbed in seconds.
it feels like i've put something on, but not in a bad way. Ive had no reaction, no tightness like i did with the Olay Pads....maybe ive found my Holy Grail.....

Will keep you posted!.....

23rd February 2013

Ive been using this now for almost 3 weeks. I would have thought that by now some improvement or some sort of indication that the cream was doing anything would have showed by now......My skin doesnt even feel softer which i would have thought it might have paying more attention to it, but nope -nothing. the puffiness is still present, the dark circles still very visable. (as for lines, i have to say at 33 im a lucky pixie as i dont really have any yet, so i cant really comment on how it affects any lines, sorry about that!).
disappointed? Yes. Did i expect it to do miracles? I dont think i did....

.......sadly for my poor dark circles nothing has changed....Ive been using it religiously, as it says and my dark circles still stubbornly stay...Maybe its because i have had a rough time sleeping the last 6 weeks, its not like super duper vanishing cream (and it doesnt claim to be) but my bags still look the same to me.....

Ill carry on for a couple of more weeks, and if by then, still no improvement...
...Ill have to shrug my shoudlers, say C'est La Vie and move on to the next one -again to review on here..!!

To Be Continued....


  1. I will definitely need to follow you on this one, as I hardly sleep either, so of course have the dreaded dark circles :(
    Angela xx

  2. Look forward to seeing if this works!! :)

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