Friday, 25 January 2013

The Difference a Brow Wax Makes!

Eeeek....looking in the mirror told me i needed my eyebrows doing! So because i'm totally useless at doing them myself i made an appointment at my regular place Adele's Nail and Beauty Clinic in Broughshane in Ballymena.
She had a special offer of an eye Package which included eyelash tint, wax and shape for a brilliant £10.  Ive been to Adele several times as believe it or not i only just started paying attention to my eyebrows last year -i had no idea they made such a huge difference to your face!
So here was me early today:   (pleaes excuse the bags and dark circles, i had a fun night of insomnia!!!!)

So with my messy eyebrows, no make up and feeling rotten, i let Adele do her magic on my brows!
Starting with my eyelashes she dyed them the darkest they can go -a blue/black mixture.  While the mixture was on my eyelashes, she began her work on my brows, deciding today that she was going to give me a "HD style brows" which i thought "oooooh" about as i had seen someone actually have a HD Brow treatment on their blog the other day, and they looked brilliant.
She put a dark brown tint on my brows, even though im blonde (not natural unfortunately!!!). This tints the skin for the first couple of days and then goes lighter, so the colour it is now, will go a bit lighter when it comes off the skin.
Onto the fun part of the waxing -i'm a complete wuss so each time she did a little patch there was a "eep" from me!  Tweezers to finalize the brows to make them even and i walk out feeling a little more human, and with better brows!!!!
What do you think?
 Again, excuse the bags and the annoying wee break out of a couple of charming spots (damn, make up should have been put on for pics!!)

I think a BIG difference. I know the blackness is under the eyes, but the brows and eyelash tint, definetley look better.
Adele had a great deal on these at £10 for the lot, normally £15. She's a really nice girl who chatters while doing her magic and makes you feel totally at ease.
If you're in Northern Ireland, and more specifically around the Ballymena are i would highly recommend her.
She does fantastic nails too. Her facebook page is here -Adele's Beauty Clinic, filled with pictures, happy gals who have been to her before and will return back to her as she is really good at everything she does! (and no, she'd not paying me to do this, i just think its not often an all round beautician with great prices and great service comes along, so why not publicise her!)
Thanks Adele, as always :)


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