Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Spending my Selfridges Gift Card!

Yup, Spending Ban is in full swing, and as said in the rules, i'm allowed to spend any gift cards i have on whatever i wish.

I had £50 worth of Selfridges in gift card, and although it was tempting to buy some of the gorgeous nail varnishes, i thought "when else am i going to be able to shop at Selfridges?" -Cos, lets face it, its an expensive place to shop with great items that i normally couldnt even think of spending. But at the same time, i wanted to get as much for my money as i could, so this is what i spent my £50 on.....kind of scary to think i only bought four items with it, when in MUA i spent £26 and got about 15 items.....!!!

First item: Origins Zero Oil Pure Purifying Toner 150ml . This cost £17 -something i would never pay that much for again. I've discovered a love of Origins after having a lovely intensive cream in the Beauty Bible testing.  I was running low on toner as i use it every night, and my last one was Clinique, so thought i'd try a different one. This one looks like it would really clean well, and im looking forward to trying it!

The next that took my eye was Nip & Fab Dark Circle Fix. At Selfridges this cost £15.95, I'm pretty sure you can get it cheaper, but again, its something id feel pale at spending that much -even though my eye area is the one thing im very concerned about. I do have dark circles and bags -especially when im tired or have a bad M.E day, so the fact this said it "boosts tired looking eyes" and "fix dark circles" i had to have it in my cart!!
I'm actually doing a Trial and Review of this and started yesterday, you can find this on my blog here: Nip & Fab Dark Circle Fix Trial and Review

Ok, so i HAD to have a nail polish in the mix, didn't i!! i've looked at Butter London nail polish before, but have never bought/swapped one, so i thought id treat myself to one.
The one that took my eye, because i LOVE glittery ones, was Butter London "Lovely Jubbly". This took a £12 of the total. it looks gorgeous, and i can't wait to try it. As its a first try for me of a make, i'll be sure to blog the use. Im hoping its as good as it looks!

My last purchase had to be quite inexpensive and after reading a friends blog, i have a curiousity about lip crayons. I would have loved to have bought a Clinique Chubby Stick, but it was out of budget, so i went for a Topshop one  in"Wave Goodbye" that cost £7. It looked a nice colour on the screen but when i got it and opened it, it looked a real bright pink, BUT it went on so so nice, and a fantastic colour!
I think ill have to do a blog on Lip Crayons one day, as i think i might be converted...!!

SO -there you go, my Sefridges purchases!  I cant believe i could only get 4 items for the £50. I think i chose right, i dont regret any of the buys. I spent days, probably a couple of weeks, looking at the website to see what i could buy. I would have LOVED a Mulberry Bag, but theyre just slighty over the £50 - by slightly im talking like £500 + (OUCH!) slightly! So bags and shoes were out the question, so beauty items it was!
I could easily have spent the £50 on ONE item, but i wanted to try and get more for my money, and i think i did ok!!!

Do you shop at Selfridges? Did you get a gift card, and what kind of things did you end up buying with it? Do you think its worth paying the staggering amount for items, when there's great makes like ELF and MUA that cost so much less and are in fact just as good in many cases.  I think the question of cost Vs Quality is always going to be around, but i think in many cases you CAN have low cost with great quality -don't overlook the lower price makes before youve tried them!!

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  1. Love the look if the butter nail varnish. :)


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