Saturday, 26 January 2013

Random Ramblings #3 -MUA

Im not alone with this rambling i think!!!

For weeks, all MUA (Make-Up Academy) fans have been watching the MUA FB page to get to a staggering 50,000 likes so that there would be a fantastic offer of 50% off EVERYTHING and free postage!
It hit this last Friday (19th January) and they said they would begin the offer on Monday when the tech people have been in to add the code to the site....

Well, 50k likers had been eagerly waiting all weekend so it was only natural that when the site opened on Monday 21st in the morning buyers flocked to the site.......
Which is where the fun began.....

First of all they changed it from a no minimum spend to a £15 (after discount applied) minimum spend a few hours after having the offer online, so hundreds possibly thousands were lucky enough to get a no minimum spend, and the later fans not so lucky.

On their FB page they told fans to "Get off the Site" , that "they'll take the offer off if we don't all get off the site"....not great way to talk to customers who want to give you money!  They told customers that the offer would be on till Thursday 24th January, and "not to worry -everything will be in  stock that they want".

I ordered at 3pm on Monday and when i ordered all my items were in stock. I paid via paypal.  And then MUA crashed on me....but when checking my paypal account the money had been accepted and the invoice showed all the items i ordered. BUT i heard nothing from MUA.....and this is where the fun got even better......

They told anyone who had had a paypal receipt would be receiving their order. Yay we all thought. Then they said to send a message through the (crashed) website with the paypal number and information.
So when the site had one of its good moments, i sent them a message on Monday with all the details....

It's now Saturday and i have not heard a thing back from MUA. The money has gone out of my bank account, and i have no idea if i'm getting any of my order, some of my order, a refund, just have no idea and i can't beleive they'd leave customers hanging like not alone in having ordered on Monday and not heard back.
Its tiring, annoying and extremely disappointing that i've not even had a reply to my email from Monday.
i have friends who ordered after me, and have already recieved their items, which again, makes me worry that i'm not going to get what i ordered.

Oh yes, and the statement that they made to loyal customers about not worrying about being out of stock.....yup, thye were out of stock of sooo much. ONe day it would be one thing, the next it would be another and the other would be in stock....i'm not sure if everyone got everything they ordered.
I have a feeling they're going to come back to me and say "sorry we're out of stock of this, this and this, but we'll refund you" -i dont WANT a refund. I would rather wait until they were back in stock and for them to be delivered then...but i doubt that will be an option.

Don't get me wrong, i love MUA products, and in the past they've been great and quick with their delivery, and this was a fantastic offer, but it was done in a god almighty complete mess.

Ok, so did YOU order this from this great offer? Were you one of the lucky ones who had no problems? I do know there were a lot of people who had no problems, but i think the ones that DID have the problems outweigh the ones who didn't.

If or when i get any response and i find out what's going on with mine, ill be sure to update (wish me luck)!

28th January 10.06am
 Almost a week to the hour (i ordered at 3pm) i finally get a reply from MUA:

Unfortunately due to high customer demand we are experiencing technical difficulties with our system.  if you could please forward us your shipping address and we wil organise for your order to be sent out as soon as possible. 
In regards to adding products to your order, I am afraid we cannot amend the order and a new order will have to be placed for the extra items that you require.
Please reply to this ticket using the link bellow to avoid confusion.  Thank you for patience.
MUA Enquiry Team

Have replied back with my details and asking if im going to get all my order.....we'll see....
Im just glad to finally be acknowledged!!!

29th January 2013

Got to the computer today, and was saddened to not have a reply or to see any change in my order history. I sent them a quick message through their website at about 1.30pm. At 2.25 they had replied, so perhaps things are getting a little bit back to normal as that's the quickest reply i'v had.
This was their reply:

Hi Claire
Firstly, we are sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
We are sorry about the inconvenience you have experienced - your order has now been processed and sent to the warehouse for shipping. However, due to the technical problems this order will not appear in your account history so you will not be able to view it there, this is normal and you parcel will be with you in due time
It will be shipped within 5 working days.
Even though some items are out of stock now on our website, your FULL order has been sent to the warehouse as it was in stock at the time of ordering.

With best regards,
Orders sent

This is great news to hear, and i really hope i get all my order and hope its not too much longer!

How is everyone else's progressing? Or am i the last to get it!!!

31st January 2013

I sent an email to see if they could confirm when i would be reciving my delivery, but the systems must have really been messed up with the 50% off order, so this is the reply i got just now (at 4.30pm)

Hi Claire,
We are very sorry but due to the system technical issues we cannot confirm the exact date the order was shipped but please be assured that following us confirming to you that your order was sent to the warehouse on January 29, this will have been shipped within 5 working days. Therefore, your order will have left the warehouse by February 1.
Again, apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

With best regards,
Orders sent

So i have no idea when i'll get it, ut im hoping its soon and im hoping its the full order!! Will do a blog post when (if!!?) it arrives!

4th February 2013

Two weeks to the day, and im STILL waiting with no further contact from MUA.  I have seen people living in MELBOURNE recieve massive orders...why is it so hard to get my £26 order delivered???

I'm really disappointed and i know that MUA wont offer any kind of olive branch to make the people who have been waiting want to deal with them again.....
The whole sale was one big nightmare. They hadnt prepared for it, even though it was a 50k like on FB...they MUST have known that with that amount of likes, there was going to be alot of people waiting on the Monday to order.
My order isnt showing, all i have is the paypal reciept and the above emails from them. They cant tell me even when to expect it...*sigh*. A big company like that should have been able to handle this amount of traffic on the web, it should have been prepared weeks in advance, not days and then on Monday telling people to "get off" the website.....not nice service...

Anyone else still waiting? What has MUA been like with you, have the return emails been quick and helpful, or as vague as mine? Has it put you off buying from them again?

Later that day...

I emailed MUA (again) asking if they can give me any indication as to when i can expect my order. I mentioned about the australia order being recieved, but funnily enough that wasnt mentioned in the reply.

Good Morning   I can confirm that this order has now been shipped. This parcel takes 3 Days to be picked from the warehouse and a further 5-7 workings days to be delivered into UK, 2 weeks to EU and 3-4 Weeks for Italy and Rest of the World. Please be aware that during promotional times delivery time may take longer.   Thank you for your interest in MUA   Regards Becky 

With best regards,
Orders sent

Not really much clearer, but at least i know my order (whatever it may be!) is on its way...finally to me.....!! 

(hope its not premature thinking.....)

6th February 2013


Came home from meeting a friend this morning and OMG, there was my MUA order sat waiting for gobsmacked it contained my FULL order, even the brushes that flew out of stock!
Bit of an anti-climax after all the waiting and annoyance and disappointment.....I mean, after all, its just make up.....
I thought id be over the moon its finally here, but i just feel "finally - its over, i can stop wondering"......and thats it.

Serves me right for wasting all my energy on the stupid emotions i attached to this....its JUST MAKE UP.
Whether i use them again...another matter for another day, right now, no i wouldnt, it wasnt worth the 2 weeks of the wasted time and the 50% off was nice, but its JUST MAKE UP.
Thats all that keeps coming to me...



  1. Aww such a shame so many people had problems as it was such an amazing offer :( I managed to order on Monday afternoon, paid through paypal, and received my order on Wednesday morning, so yes I was one of the very lucky ones. Hopefully it will all be sorted out soon for all you people that had issues.
    I did a MUA haul post when I received mine, so maybe you can check it out, if that won't rub salt in the wound so to speak.
    Angela x

  2. hiya hun, oh youre a lucky pixie!!

    ive finally had a reply from MUA, so ive got my fingers crossed...but i cant beleive its taken a week for them to even acknowledge me :(
    Thanks for stopping by again pet xx


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