Friday, 18 January 2013

Random Ramblings #2

oh sooooo not a good week for me...
Health is dragging me down :(  Feels like someones taken the plug out of me, and everythings drained out. it SUCKS!!

I have a lot of medication and as i'd been away at my mum's on the mainland i had to come back and left a message i needed EVERYTHING...typically i discovered on Tuesday one was missing....then found another one was missing unnecessary multiple visits to there!

I managed to swop a lot of my duplicate nail varnishes for some that I'd been wanting for for ages -i tell you, if you haven't been on any of the FB swops -you must, it's such a great way to get new or different things and swop what you have duplicated or want a change. Of course the usual "be careful" comes into it and if you don't feel comfortable swopping with a certain person you don't but after about 8 months of doing it, I've only had one swop go bad, and that I'd rather leave behind!

I was emailed last week to be told i won a "PPQ for Fashionista Limited Edition Palette".  i googled it and thought oooh that looks a nice win...yay me!! On google it looked like this:

So, as you can imagine i was looking forward to recieving came in the post today (written very scraggly and not even wrapped in bubble wrap) and this is what i ACTUALLY won:

Oooh i thought the outside is nice, wonder whats in the middle......

Yup  - nada, nothing, zilch.  I don't use loose palettes so this is pretty useless to me and i felt let down as i expected it to have something in it!!
Ah well, you win some you don't....

My blog is tootling along nicely....I'm trying to make it a bit more organised but it's not as easy as it looks and i'm tearing my hair out trying to get pages and posts to stay where they're supposed to!!! I'll figure it out one day!
I'm enjoying the beauty bits, i know i've only written one on the nail varnish, but it's actually theraputic! The book one is easier as you don't have to put pictures of yourself on it!!!

Its started to snow and stick over here in the UK. I hope you're all tucked up and warm wherever you are and becareful going out and keep safe, especially driving.
Hope you're all well and the year has started better than mine!!!





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