Monday, 14 January 2013

Random Ramblings #1

Ok, so its 4 days since i've been home from my mums for Christmas, and it feels like i haven't stopped!!
I'm in the middle of sorting out what i call me Swop/sell area -OMG it was a disaster zone!! How i ever found anything, or knew what was in there, i have no idea!! Don't get me wrong, its still a mess, but it's getting more organized and i've started new folders on my FB page to keep a track on what i have now!
Its also made me realise EXACTLY what i have -OMG. I'm kinda shamed....this spending ban has made me realise, ive got almost the whole of Boots stockroom in my house, and i need to use these before buying more...and the "bargain buys" that arent so much a bargain, if i dont need or use them!!

My health, (for those who haven't guessed i have M.E) is sucking big style atm, as i'm doing so much, my body feel like its gonna cave in...its a struggle to get up the stairs and my sleep is shot! For those who have M.E or along those lines, will know what i mean!

Its getting cold and ive just had oil delivered (the joys of living in NI and having Oil heating!) and its still not working, which means i need to get my landlord out again, to have a look...i hate bothering him, but i guess its in his interest to have the heat going through the pipes -especially with snow on the forecast!

The cats have forgiven me for leaving them for so long! Anybody else's cats do that, when you go away Have a grump for a couple of days before they come to you? Or do i just have odd cats!!!

Right....up and on to carry on listing my swaps and sells.....*sigh*...!!

Hope everyone else is having a        great day!


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