Thursday, 24 January 2013

NOTD Zoya Areetha

Getting into trying my nail varnishes, now that i'm on the spending ban, i swatched all the ones i had on a plastic wheel, any i had duplicates of i put up for swaps and got fresh new colours in my collection.

This was one of them, and my first taste of using "Zoya". i had vaguely heard the make, but not much.  So i started this with pretty much a clean slate -not heard anything good OR bad, so not been influenced!
SO Today's NOTD is Zoya "Areetha".

First off the colour in the bottle was lovely! A shimmering light purple.  I lifted the brush, and after just using Essie and their wide brushes, i was actually a little disappointed to find a normal sized brush. HOWEVER, it glided on to the nail with a great coverage and smooth clear strokes. I thought that might be fluke but i even did it on my RIGHT hand (when you have to use your left to paint them!!)
This picture to the left was one coat. It was okay, but it definitely needed two coats. So second coat applied (to the right). Definitely an improvement.
I was about to add my usual Seche Top Coat when i thought id try adding another new addition to my nail polish collection - Nails Inc Gossip Girl's "Privileged", this normally comes as a duo, but i just got this gorgeous overglaze top coat. It shimmers of green and blue. This needed 2 coats to make any kind of effect, which i tried to get in the picture but i dont think i managed to get the effect, but i did try!!

These two pictures i tried to show and get a glint of the overglaze. I think i managed to get them, but i always use my seche as a top coat, and after using a coat of that, i think it made the colour of the Zoya and the extra shimmer, look even better!

Final Results:

I still don't think my pictures show how nice the Zoya is and how the little addition of the Privileged makes it have that extra shimmer! And of course, the importance of the top coat, and how THAT alone adds extra smoothness to the polish and makes the light bounce off brilliantly off the little hints of blue and green.
Personally, i love it!


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