Wednesday, 16 January 2013

NOTD - Nails Inc 3D Glitter Maida Vale

Been a while since i did my nails as my mum can do false nails so i had some acrylics on for the festive season!

Today's nail varnish was one i got in a swop, and had been dying to try. My favourite polish of all of them is Nails Inc 3D Glitter Marylebone:
I LOVE this colour -i find it goes on great, stays on even better and its the one polish I've had the most comments on!

So, as I'm on a spending ban, the only way i can get new items to try is by swopping and i was lucky enough to get this as a swop and was eager to try today was along the 3D Glitters line and was "Maida Vale" ( to the right here -->)!!
Alas, these nails aren't mine, but a staple picture from the Nails Inc site.

This also gave me an opportunity to test my new Seche Base and Top Coats, that I've been itching to try!
So, i started with the Seche base, which surprised me by instead of being clear, had a pearly shimmer to it! It went on easily, and dried quickly.

I tried to take a picture of it while I'd just put it on, not great -but hopefully you can see the slight shimmer on the (very short!) nails.
You can also see in the bottle itself its a colour not just a clear base.  I'm wondering if this base made it possible for me to just put on one coat, or if that was just the nail polish itself.

I then put on the Maida Vale, and for a change, i only used one coat, as it filled the nail and looked alright from my (unpractised!) eye!

With just one coat and touch dry, it has a great finish and a lovely shimmer, and actually doesn't look too bad on my short nails!!

I added the Seche Top Coat and was pretty impressed!! It gave the shimmer that extra WOW shimmer and it really does glitter better! I'm hoping the Seche's protect my nails as much as I've been told and as much as they claim.

I guess this is the test for them -I'll make a note on here when any chips on the nails start to appear!

Base and Top Coat apart, i love the nail polish and will definitely belong in my frequent use ones and definitely recommend this one.

What do you guys think of the whole lot? Is the colour as nice as i think? Is it my imagination that the top coat adds that extra little sparkle as well as protection?
I know everyone has they're own style, technique and loves of colours etc, so it may not be to everyone's taste, but this is my first nail polish review, so i hope I've done it ok and not too boring for you guys!!

NB -please ignore the shortness and the scruffiness of my nails, it's time to try and get them longer again!!!!


  1. I LOVE that colour! It's so nice - and so sparkly!! I want it :) x

  2. Oooh i love Nails Inc. I cant get enough of there polishes. Lovely colour. Great review hun! x

  3. Thanks girls, that was my first one of anything so hoping it was ok!!! :) xx


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