Wednesday, 30 January 2013

NOTD -MUA's "Fairy Dust" Purple Mist

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I bought this nail varnish just after Christmas but never got round to using it, so i thought I'd try it, as it looks gorgeous in the bottle and has the magic words "One coat" which always brings high hopes!

I actually applied the nail varnish a couple of days ago, so at the end i can also review how it is faring after a few days....

Ok, so first of, the price was a great buy, as most of MUA's items are. Just £2.50 direct from the MUA Store

SO! Base coat as normal, and then just one coat as they suggested!  To my surprise, it looked great! What do you think?

I tried to catch the light so you could see the shimmer, so i hope that shows!
It IS a lovely colour!

Out of curiosity, i wondered if two coats and a top coat WOULD look any different, so i tried that too....

So, this is 2 coats.
Not a great deal of difference, which actually surprised me. Still very sparkly. So impressed that it was indeed just a "One Coat" application!

And finally, with a top coat....normally the topcoat would add an extra shimmer that isnt there, but again, the polish doesnt look any different to my eye than the one coat -so fair play to the MUA's Fairy Dust!

I was very happy with this nail varnish as you can see above! However, i've had it on for 3 days, and its chipped and come off almost completely on 2 nails which made me disappointed!

Brings back the question Cost Vs Quality. Only one useage i dont think can make it absolute that it will always chip in the future, so i'll do another test with this one in a couple of weeks to see if anything has changed. Next time ill just unse the one coat with no base or top coat, to see if that makes any difference to the chipping and coming off.

I know some people have tried this too, are you one of them? How did you find it? I loved it upon application and for the following 24 hours, but dismayed when i saw it chipped the next day! Did yours come off easily? Has your experience made you want to buy it again or not?
I dont regret buying it, as its a lovely colour and great application, but i just need to bear in mind to be careful using my nails when its on!!


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