Monday, 21 January 2013

NOTD - Essie "Blue Rhapsody"

Essie Blue Rhapsody Staple Picture:

This is a staple picture of the colour, as my camera doesn't seem to have picked up the blue that is so prominent in it. The flash seems to have wiped the blue out!

I've only recently taken a liking to Essie's nail polishes, but now that i have found them, i LOVE them!
I love their colours and variety, i love the brush they use as its a wider brush than other makes and does a coat in pretty much one stroke.

This is a close up of the brush. As you can see the tip is wider which is what gives it a great cover in one sweep.

The coverage is brilliant. I normally only need to put one coat on.
Today i put two on as well as the Seche top coat, and i really can't tell a difference between those and the single coat, what do you think?

A base coat with one coat of Essie

<<<---one coat--->>>>

This is the 2 coats of Essie

And finally, this is the base coat, 2 coats of Essie and the Seche top coat i always apply when i do my nails.

What do you think? i love the colour, and personally i think one coat actually does the job just fine, but i wanted to see if the two coats would make a difference as some nail polishes DO need that extra coat.
I would always add the base and top coat to protect the nails, but otherwise definetley a good one coat polish


  1. It does look good for one coat, which means it will last twice as long, so a bargain. And you know I like a bargain ;)
    Angela xx

  2. heehee, a girl after my own heart!!
    Ive only discovered Essie recently, and the coverage seems to be the same with each colour, so yup -works out as a bargain!
    Thanks for stopping by hun! xx


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