Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, New Blog

Ok, so this is a first for me.
But i thought it was a good time to start a blog as i needed something to keep track of a project which i will explain later.

So, im Claire. Im a total beauty buy-aholic -i love nail varnishes, lip glosses, eyeshadows, creams,....list goes on, handbags....anything that is a bargain beauty buy whether i need it or not!!

I also have a passion for reading, so will also be doing a part where i personally recommend a book to read if youre stuck for anything.  I love fantasy -vamps, weres, witches, grim reapers -anything like that, but ill tell you now, i really dont like the "Twilight" saga, so anything along those lines i probably wouldnt recommend!!

I have one tattoo on my right shoulder blade that i had done in august 2011.  Its a paw print and under it is the Kanji symbol for "WOLF" -which stands for protection, courage, inner strength. It might sound strange, but since i had it done i never feel quite alone.  I have no plans to have any more though! This was the only one i wanted and im happy with it :)

I was diagnosed with M.E approx 4years ago.  I consider a lucky one as im not in a wheelchair or bed ridden. But this doesn't mean my days are easy. Im on extremely strong analgesics along with multiple other medications to keep it at bay, and have to often to take extra medication on the bad days. i do spend alot of time in bed, stairs sometimes a massive chore on its own, and it frustrates me, as i feel i shouldn't be like this....i still don't think ive accepted this is the way it is, and i try to fight it and spend the next 3-4 days in agony and often just in bed.  It used to be called "Yuppie Flu" and alot of people still think its this or laziness and it hurts that they just assume im being lazy. Im not and would give anything to throw my walking stick away and have the energy i use to...just have to pray and keep on going.

I am owned by 2 dogs, max and penny and 3 cats, Neo, Maggie and Maizie, who make my home, a home and wouldnt be without them.

This is Max - a collie cross i rescued from Manchester Dog's Home in 2003. Hes a complete angel and my very special little man. Noone wanted him as he had a bad leg -basically after several visits with vets and x-rays and even attempting to fix it, it was discovered that the bones had fused together and it would be better to leave it.  It hasnt effected him in any way, and i feel lucky to have him as my faithful friend

This is Penny.  shes (obviously) a black labrador and is now just over 3years old.  Completely spoilt and a total mummys girl, with a really bad habit of loud and hideously smelling wind!!!.  As shes still so young its soooo hard to get a picture of her still, and most times i have to bribe the pair with treats to sit!!!

I LOVE where i live. Its a simple house in a little village in Ballymena, but the back is beautiful and i love summers here.....

So, onto my blog, thank you for visiting, and i hope this turns into a regular thing for me, and not a totally boring read for you!
Welcome, to my corner!


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