Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Non Make Up Collection!

I moved into my new house in February last year after a break up of a really bad relationship, so this was a new and fresh start for me and my dogs and cats!
i decided i needed a little collection of things to mark the new start, and stumbled across the Willow Tree collection of ornaments. I aimed to collect the Angels -to watch over me, the house and my pets.
There are more than just angels, as the link above shows, and i think they're such lovely ornaments -a bit quirky, not too expensive and look lovely.
A year later and i have a growing collection and a couple that don't have wings, but have meanings that apply to me and my life!
So i thought i'd share my Non-make up collection!
My dogs and my cats are my children (i know how lame that sounds to some, but those who have dogs or cats, or other pets, know how much they come to be like children!)...so they were the first ones i looked at......

 <-- "Kindness"

"Angel of Friendship"--->

<--- "Angel of Kindness"

"With Affection"--->

<--- "Angel of Freedom"

"Angel of Healing" --->

 <--- "Happiness"

"A Tree, A Prayer" --->

<--- "Angel of Harmony"

"Thank You" -->

<--- "Serenity"

"Good Health" --->
                               "TWO ALIKE"

The Last one ("Two Alike") was the newest, and from my best friend and brilliant mum for Christmas.  The saying "Two Alike" is such a good saying for us as we are very spookily alike, our lives seem to have run similar paths and we're almost like sisters than mother and daughter, same sense of humour, same views on life, present and past and future....
This one has pride of place on my fire place :)

This is my number now, but i know it won't be the final number. There are so many different Willow Tree ornaments for all aspects of life and people, i can imagine mine growing beyond the Angels, but i'm glad i started with them, to signify a new start in my life with Angels by my side.


  1. I love those, they are really nice and pretty xx


  2. My dogs and cats are my babies, too, I wouldn't be without them. Your ornaments are lovely; it's good to have something in your life that you can cherish like this.

    Found you on UK Bloggers group.
    CJ x

  3. I've looked at those a lot but never bought them as of yet.
    They are so lovely and make lovely gifts!


  4. my boyfriends mum loves these too! she has a little collection.

    I found you through UK Bloggers :)

    www.lulusaysss.blogspot.co.uk xx


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