Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My Make Up Bag Staples

Ok, so all girlies have the make up bag which contains pretty much alot of items, and we all have staple products that we wouldnt be without, even if our eyeshadow or lipstick changes.

This is my staple make up items....

I am extremely pale skinned, blue eyes and blonde (natural, ahem) hair.
so the first stumbling block ive always had is the foundation.
For years i used a tinted moisturiser, but over the last year, ive been rediscovering myself and what my skin needs -at the ripe age of 33!

So my latest and absolute must have to start with now and has been for the last couple of months is a product called L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream (fair skin tone) which is approxiamtely £10 a 30ml tube.

This is such a great product.  It comes out as a normal whitish cream but as you rub it onto your skin it changes to a colour and blends in fantastically.  You dont need to use much, so it lasts a long time.  I find it adds just the right amount of colour to my face without it looking false.  it also adds just the right touch of shimmer which gives you the look of a healthy glow.
I only discovered this literally about 2 months ago, and ive tried other BB creams, and other foundations, but theyre either too orange for my complexion (even the fair ones) or are just too heavy. This sits just right on the face and it feels light and as i my skin can breathe. i love it.

Next -i have always suffered from black circles and heavy bags under my eyes, especially when im not well or feeling off colour.
Believe me when i say i have tried pretty much EVERYTHING to try and help hide these evil things!
Success came last Christmas when my mum introduced me to Benefits Erase Paste, approximately £19 for a full 4.4g tub.

This little tub comes with a little scoop which helps when you get down to the bottom part of the tub!  I know there are hundreds of concealers on the market and what suits one, may not suit another, and i really do know that through trial and error!!
This one though, made a ,huge difference to my dark circles and eyes. Im using shade 2, despite my fair skin and it matches in fantastically. One less staple make up to find!!

Its the last year ive discovered my love of Benefit.  Of course, i use the lipglosses and the erase paste, but i had never really used any type of blusher before.  I saw all the different names of the Benefit collection, but for some reason my eye was drawn to Bella Bamba

This retails at approximately £23 but it is well worth it, and lasts for absolutely ages.  I literally use a sweep or two across my cheek bones and it leaves a realistic colour behind and a healthy glowing look. I LOVE it! I'm glad i chose the Bella Bamba, i must have known the colour was just right for my complexion, the other colours are each lovely but it depends on your skin tone, and what kind of blush youre looking for, but i would suggest maybe looking at Benefit's collection -i know theres smaller sample sizes floating around (there are alot of fakes too, so do be careful not to get one.....rule of thumb - "if it seems too good to be true, it generally is!).

My other complete must have is lipbalm.  I get the most chapped lips so i always have to have one with me.  I got one from one of the Jolie beauty boxes , and i am totally converted to them now,and just LOVE them.
I am talking of course of Balmi lipbalm.  Gorgeous flavours of strawberry, mint, coconut, raspberry and my favourite blackcurrant which is in a sleeky black! Available at Boots for a cracking £4.99.

They taste heavenly, leave a lovely soft balm on your lips, and last for a long time (well considering i use mine at least twice a day, i think they do!!).

Another staple item i need in my make up bag is mascara. It opens up the eyes and makes your whole face look completely different!  However, I've hit a stumbling block, and this is where Project #2 will be in action soon  - Finding the Right Mascara for me.  Everyone has a different need and obviously different eyes and eyelashes so this changes what they look for in a mascara.  I need one that doesn't smudges, is waterproof, helps my lashes curl and is good for sensitive eyes  (not much!).
At the moment I'm using Bobbi Brown's Waterproof and Lengthening Mascara in Black which seems to vary so much in price depending where you go, but the link here shows it at just over £9 which is a great price. Again, so many fakes around, so do be careful.

I have to say, this is a GREAT mascara, and has done me well, but i can't find a replacement easily and I feel there's one out there for me that can do just a bit more.....we'll see when i uptake Project #2!

Most other things i use do change -my powder, my lipgloss/lipstick can change daily, my eyeshadow although staying along the lines of smokey can change makes regularly, but these few products are ALWAYS in my make up bag and i honestly couldnt do without them!

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  1. Hey I'm your first follower yayyyy.
    I also love Benefit products and you have definitely made me think that I need to try the erase paste. I have recently developed dark circles due to hardly getting any sleep, due to my stupid spine!So I am glad I'm not doing the 100 day challenge as otherwise I wouldn't be able to try the erase paste :) xx


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