Saturday, 12 January 2013

Beauty Boxes

I have extremely mixed views on the well known Beauty Boxes (Luxbox, Glossybox, Joliebox, the old SheSaid Beauty box). I subbed to one for 6 months when it had an offer at the Queens Jubilee, and i haven't resubbed, which says alot!
I now get the odd one, that i hear is going to be an ok kinda box.
All pictures are also links to that particular item if you want to find out more information.

So, on the odd times i get a box, ill post the contents i got here, and see if you and i think it was worth it!

The first one -i heard and read great reviews about LuxBox's December box, and when i read on facebook they were releasing more, i decided to get one.
It arrived today, and im pleasantly surprised! Ok, i didnt get the hair milkshake i would have loved to try, but for the £12.95 cost i think i got a good box!

As soon as i opened the box i got a huge scent overload from the bar of soap -in a good way -for me anyway, it smelled of Ameretto (marzipan) and it just made me want to eat it, it was gorgeous!!  not sure if i'd use it to wash with but the smell is heavenly!!
I've never heard of this company before and just did a little reading on their site and they seem to have some great items on there, all as natural as possible, which would help with anyone (me included) with sensitive skin.  The soaps seem to come in a 3 pack, so this is a great way to try it out to see if i want to buy again. I think it will look and make my bathroom smell great when i have guests staying!!

Next to grab my attention was the Sheercover Primer -i admit to being strangely drawn to primers, but i need to be careful as my skin can sometimes get greasy, but ive read some good things about this, and it retails around the £20 mark as its the bigger tube. (on Ebay anyway - it seems oddly hard to find a page about it in the UK! So the link in the picture is to reviews from Australia)
Im looking forward to trying this one!

Staying with Sheercover, there was also a brilliant eye shadow palette- and im happy as its earthy, smokey tones which is what i use, instead of putting in blues and greens, which end up in the back of the drawer somewhere!
This has come in good time as my usual eye make up is running low!

The other little tube was from The Green People, which seem to be a regular in the Beauty Boxes in one form or another. Im glad it's not the fake tan this time as i seem to always get one and i can never get it on without streaks or looking like an orange so once again, another item that sits in the back of the drawer, but anyway! This time it's a lovely smelling Fruit Scrub Exfoliator.

Reading up on this product it looks lovely, and i hope it lives up to the standards the Green People seem to think it is!!  And as always with the Green People, you can be assured that its natural, not tested on animals and should feel great! Will write what i think when i use it!!

And last in the box, but not least from what i've been seeing from other Luxbox recievers is the little bottle of Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil that can be used on hair or body.
I must admit to being hesitant about using this on my hair as unfortunate for me it can get greasy, especially at the roots, and i've always been told that oil will exacerbate it.....but there's only one way to find out, right? 
So i guess i'll either have flowing healthy locks, or rats tails after usage of this!! But like i say ive seen people write that this is great stuff, but theres so many different styles and conditions of hair, will it suit everyone? 
Gonna have to try it....

So, on first appearance the box is a great deal at £12.95 and right now, im glad i bought one.  What i am please about is the absence of mini vials of perfumes and little sachets that can only be used once -i think it needs more than one trial of a product to find out if it's going to be suitable for you, so Luxbox has gained alot of plus points with not trying to pass those off on us as many (including Lux) have done in the past!

Will i have a different view after trying them out.....thats when the real test is i guess! Will let you know.......!!


  1. I think the key to hair oils is to use them only really sparingly on the roots and concentrate on your mid lengths and ends. I have greasy roots and as long as I dont overdo it at the roots, I have no problem using hair oils, in fact quite the opposite, my hair's never looked better!

  2. Hi Loz!
    Thanks for the advice, definetly take that on board when i try it! Looking forward to it now youve said that! :)


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