Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bargain Buys Before Spending Ban

So 100 days of Non Spending is in full swing, killing me but being good!
I was a bit of a naughty girl and bought a few bargain buys between Christmas and New Years Day and as ive just got home from being at my fab mums for 4 weeks, im really happy with what i got so i thought id share them with you!  Saying that i haven't used any of them, but they were a great buy!

The First Great Buy was from Organic Surge.

These products have a great review and a great write up, and this was a bargain Mega Bundle, costing just £24 and worth £60! As i use them, i aim to review them aswell.
Included in the bundle is:

  • Gentle Cleansing Lotion 200ml (worth £5.20)
  • Daily Care Face Wash 200ml (worth £5.20)
  • Skin Perfecting Polish 150ml (worth £6.49)
  • Overnight Sensation Cream 50ml (worth £8.99)
  • Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser 50ml (worth £8.99)
  • Eye Gel 15ml (worth £8.49)
  • Kiss and Make Up wipes (worth £3.49)
  • Gentle Meadow Body Lotion 200ml (worth £5.99)
  • Sweet Blossom Shower Gel 250ml (worth £4.07)
  • Lemon and Honey Soap 100g (worth £3.50)
As i write this, the offer is still standing! As you're spending over £20 you also get free delivery!
Im looking forward to trying these -especially the Eye Gel and the Shower gel, which smells just so nice!

Next up was MUA who had a great offer of a percentage off AND getting £20 worth of cosmetics free with a £12 spend I happily bought these....

Naturally, it was the nail items that i first visited (a major weakness of mine!).
I decided to try the beads that have become available pretty much everywhere and have mixed reviews.  An assistant in a large department store actually confided that with these beads on your nails, you can't put a clear top coat on, which leaves them vulnerable to being knocked off. Which she did say happened to hers, and in the end she ended up "pinging" them off!!  This will be interesting to try!  The ones i thought were the nicest were the Leo and Gemini constellations and in the sale were at a bargain price of £3 each!
Next page i visited was (of course) the nail varnishes. Ive never used MUA's nail varnishes before, so a little hesitant which is why i only got two.  However upon arrival, naturally i had to try them, and i LOVE them! Such gorgeous colours -especially the one coat of Fairy Dust in purple. Really only one coat was a great coverage (will put a picture up soon!). The other nail varnish was a Mystical Glitter nails Jellyfish -this needs 2 coats, and is a lovely colour, but i do prefer the one coat one, but at £2.50 for the Fairy Dust and £1.50 for the mystical i think each is a great bargain.
Then my next weakness (yes i have alot of them!) is the first of 3 lip glosses i bought. This one is called Intense Glosses and is a new line in the MUA collection and a cracking buy at £2 and i got it in the colour of "Kiss and Make Up"
also in the order.....


Again, another product i can't resist trying is a primer. Ive heard good things about MUA's and the reviews look brilliant so thought i'd give it a whirl for £4! Next to that is the Extreme Curl Mascara -a bargain i thought at £2 -but i'll find out how much of a bargain when i do my mascara test that im setting up at the moment!
And again into the lip glosses!  MUA BOOM! i have seen around before, but never tried it, so thought this was the perfect opportunity to try! Again, great reviews and a great price for a 4-in-1 product and a jaw dropping fab £3!

And got these great items free along with them!

All four items are from Sue Moxley's Famous collection.
From Left to Right in the picture is:

  • Famous No Shine Face Powder "The One and Only" ( a GREAT colour for pale skins like me!)
  • Famous Baked Bronze Shade 1 "Miami"  -comes with a little brush, a mirror in the lid and again, a GREAT colour for pale skin!
  • 2 Famous Lip Addicts (in colourse Shade 3 "raw and Shade 4 "Pillow Talk" -kinda kooky as it has a little lid that flips up that has a little of the colour to use with a lip brush and a small mirror in the lid. Opens like a normal lipstick at the bottom -the top bit is something i've never seen before and it made me smile!
What i LOVED about the free gifts was they were items i can actually USE -i know we've all been on the recieving end of having "free gifts" and when we get them, the colours are just bizarre and makes you feel like they're clearing out stock that wasnt the greatest seller in the world, but THIS time -they hit the nail right on the head!

This was my first buy with MUA. So far impressed,....but the proof is in the pudding and that means i need to be impressed when testing them....!!

Next was a naughty treat but i have been eyeing up Seche for a loooong time but always finding a reason not to buy it! BuyaPower often has some real bargains -not always but sometimes they do and i think this was one of them, considering the price of just one bottle.
For those not familiar with Buyapower -its basically a site where a product can get cheaper when the number of people who buy it increases (there is a link if you click the word BuyaPower above :)).
My treat happened on 31st December 2012 (thank you higher beings who knew my spending ban began the very next day!!). It was of course the Seche base and Top Coat.

The price began at £17.78 and after 50 buyers chose to buy it, it dropped to a great £10.50! How could you say no! I have tried so many top coats, even though every time i asked for suggestions everyone said "Seche", but seeing the price i thought i'll try something else that was cheaper....ive been disappointed with all the top coats ive tried so far, so i have my fingers firmly crossed that these little fellas live up to the standard that my fellow nail peers hold them to be done!!

Again with nail varnish....these 2 little gems i have been ogling for a looooong time, but i couldn't justify the price that was being asked, and i couldnt find them online or any online auction sites!
Paul and Joe is a brand i've admired from afar, not just their nail varnishes, but never got anything. While these 2 were in the ASOS sale, i thought i'd treat myself to them!
The two colours i treated myself to were:
Fairie Queen (028): Shimmer Translucent with pale pink, purple and  blue glitter, and
Pixie (030): Silver with Glitter
This nail polish is made by Paul & Joe and is part of the A Midsummer Night’s Dream collection inspired by Shakespeare’s classic tale. The details include: three sheer shades, including Fairie Queen, a shimmering translucent polish with pale pink, purple and blue glitter, Sprite, a pastel green with a pearlescent pink and Pixie a glitter studded sliver. Each polish is enriched with moisturising orange flower water and pearl calc to protect the nail.

This is still on sale for anyone interested -just click the Paul & Joe and it will take you straight there.
I'm hoping these will look as nice as they sound and swatches ive seen look like! Again, only testing will tell!!

I started this post roughly 4th January, and have only got this far! I only have one more Bargain Buy to write, so i thought i would post this so if you fancied grabbing any of the still on sale items that you might not have seen you can still buy them at their great prices!


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